Biafrans must be weary of external manipulation

Actually, I don't see Kanunta as a problem at all. I have mentioned him here only to teach us that Biafra will be different. I used him to tell us that no one will be honoured because his brother is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Every man will be honoured because of the content of his character and what he has done. I used Kanunta to teach us that Biafra will be something Nigeria is not. In Biafra positions won't be given because he is a cousin to this person or that he married the governors daughter. If we start doing such in Biafra, then we must have failed woefully. We are suffering today because we want something different and better.

The only reason Kanunta is doing all he is doing is because some of us are still jailed inside the prison called Nigería mentality. We have failed to DeNigerianize ourselves. So those of them that think like Rochas feel that since Kanunta is MNK's cousin, he has a right to dictate for IPOB. This is the problem we have.

But I have seen everything we are facing as a continuous movement towards purification. From what the Nigería agent in Finland is doing to what Kanunta is doing is to prepare us. Friends, external influence is real. Foreign powers has destabilized many African countries using people among us. This is why Thomas Sankara was kîlled using his friend, and that derailed Burkina Faso till this very day.

Biafrans must be weary of external manipulation. Not all that glitters are gold. One of the reason the thing in Finland fooled lots of people was because he was telling them what they want to hear. At a time MNK was kidnapped, the people wanted to be told that they will burn the zoo, hijack Airforce one, and take over Aso rock. These people don't want to know if those things said are feasible, they just want to hear those things and feel good. This is exactly the reason why he told them he is in charge of ESN he knew nothing about. That's why he told them that Sunday, Tuesday and Friday will be added to Monday sit at home. That's why he gave order to Nigería soldiers to vacate Biafra land and till today nothing happened. When ever he say these things, those he is fooling will start sharing it. Non will question whether any of these things have ever become a reality. They are simply happy things are being said. They think saying all these things is the reason Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has not been forgotten. Day in day out, the lawyers have kept the media talking every week about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB media warriors have also been on twitter writing. IPOB press release has been coming out and making headlines. Across the world DOS have been leading protest against Nigería for kidnapping MNK, but for these people these things are nothing. This is pure sickness. And Biafrans must be wise to know when the enemy wants to destroy them using what they will love to hear.

So stop thinking that Kanunta is in anyway a threat to this struggle. He has no office and IPOB don't have the office of the brothers to IPOB leader. He has no right to dictate or speak about IPOB finance. Nothing should concern him here. Start educating our people by telling them to reject anything Nigería mentality. It will help us create a sign society where people like Kanunta will stop disgracing themselves and know their place.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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