billion dollar project.

It was a billion dollar project. The master has already seen it. Remember he said many will fell out. In sorrow and agony of what is to come, he cried in a loud voice saying that I will never disappoint you, but you will disappoint me. He has already seen it. He knew that lots of money has been brought out, and for sure many will fall for it.

Yes, it wasn't only lies, monetary inducement was the major. They were put on salary and many bought lots of gadgets. Those being motivated with money started calling men and women that have for the past 8 and 10 years did this without pay, ndi nzama and career agitators. It was just the opposite. Like the mad man calling others mad. Ask those of them that were with the struggle before, but joined them after the rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu this singular question.


If the answer is NO, then why are you calling those still defending this struggle nzama or career agitators? Can you now feel their lies? How can someone not paid and risking his life see the agitation as a career? They came to ridicule you and dampen your spirit. It was actually they that did Media warriors fundraising. It was they that did ESN fundraising when they knew nothing about ESN. This same people conducted fundraising with the name of IPOB. These monies didn't go to IPOB purse, they used it for themselves, yet those that organised media warriors fundraising are the same people calling those working without pay recharge card freedom fighters. Isn't that funny?

They tell you they have blocked your source of making money, yet IPOB members worldwide are still paying their dues. They are still doing fundraising for ESN under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB is still running IPOB affairs. IPOB is still paying lobby firm lobbying for them. IPOB is still paying their legal team. IPOB is still pursuing cases both in UN, Kenya and England. So what exactly did they block? Can you now understand that it is either that these guys are extremely dub-ious, or that they are under a spell.

But the main thing is that they are bunch of betrayals. And it happened so that the words of the master will come to pass.

I say courage to men and women that listened to the voice of the master and vowed that they won't disappoint him. I tell you this day, that in you the master is fulfilled. In you lies the hope of freedom. Even with their billions, yet they failed.

Now listen carefully to this. Those the Nigeria agent in Finland led astray will become his worse enemies. Heaven and earth will reject him. The ground will reject him. He will run back to the politicians, and they will vomit him out. It will be a life of regret for him. At last they will wear a bracelet of shame forever.

Our children will be taught about the treachery of these men.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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