"My Advice To Fellow Comrades"

Bitter leaf is very bitter but it is medical.

Most of our people don't know what a freedom fighting outfit entails. IPOB is not , I repeat, is not a democratic organization like your village town hall meeting.

We are in a war situation ,we have come this far through command and control instituted in IPOB through our leader.

There are things happening behind the scene that should not be online as you expected. The information available to you depends on your task and your position in the leadership , because we know , some people are planted in our struggle to undermine us. When such people don't have vital information about IPOB, they cook up one false alibi to misguide some unstable individuals.

Those who think they don't need to be controlled by DOS established by our leader; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are on other outfits, like Human Rights Radio, BNL, Massob, BIM, Auto pilot etc. I wish them well in their own new found approach.

But those going about accusing DOS, the legal, team and every genuine IPOB member of betraying MNK even without a single evidence, should not relent , but should come up with their evidence of betrayal or shut up ,if they can't scout for any evidence.

One thing is sure, as an elderly person, I have seen good people receive their rewards from Elohim, I have also seen evil people receive their rewards bountifully according to their deeds.

When Biafra comes we shall be a democratic nation but now we need to be under one command. This is the dream and vision of MNK, the international community should be able to see us as one people with one voice, not clusters people being moved by the direction of the wind with cacophony of voices.

In which ever outfit you belong , it's your choice and don't come online to insult anyone, if they failed to reason like you. Just continue your activities on your various platforms.

Be civil, the world is watching us.

Written by;
Obi Emma.
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

Published To Ipob ON Website

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