African Man and Woman: "And Ye Shall Know The Truth, and The Truth Shall Make You Free." Holy Bible-John 8 : 32. According to a Ghanaian writer and researcher based in the United States of America (USA), Nana Banchie Darkwah, Ph.D., emphatically states this as fact in his book: 'The Africans Who Wrote The Bible-Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity Have Never Told', Aduana Publishing Co., 2000, P.O. Box 2781, Russellville, AR. 72802, USA. " However, the worst lie and sin of the Church was the premeditated transformation of the racial and ethnic identities of Jesus Christ, his mother and the entire people of the Bible from black people they were to white people to satisfy emerging European racist sentiments against black people"(Nana Banchie Darkwah, ibid. introduction, page i).

First of all, for one to understand the truth of the above statement and accept it as a fact, that Black Africans of Ancient Egypt Wrote The Holy Bible, thus, one must dispel the erroneous notion and fabricated lies that Christian Europe, particularly the Catholic Church, have done in painting the Ancient Egyptians as pagans, heathens and devils. Also, one must understand that Christian Europe's and the Catholic Church's motives for attacking Ancient Egypt in such a negative vein, is due to the fact that Ancient Egyptian Priests were the Scribes who wrote what we have come to know today as the Holy Bible. Moreover, Ancient Egypt from its pre-dynastic period up to its Golden-Age of pyramid building was a an unadulterated predominately Black race of people (3500-2100 B.C.E.).

The descendants of these Ancient Egyptians are living throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, today, particularly in the nations of Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire. The very first "Bible" or "Scroll" on record produced by man, with regards to paying honour and divine respect to a "Creator of all Mankind" was that of African people of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes regions of Central, East and Northeast Africa. The Book was called by its African Creators and developers..."The Book of The Coming Forth By Day and Night." It was translated from its original hieroglyphic text into the English language by several Europeans since the latter part of the 19th Century A.D. The easiest one to read is called.."The" (Egyptian) "Book of the Dead." This work was translated by British Egyptologist Sir Ernest A. Wallis Budge, London, 1895 A.D. This Original Bible was produced by Black Africans approximately 3,400 years before the Old Testament, and more than 4,200 years before the New Testament, and countless Versions of it have been written and published (Dr. Ben Jochannan, A Chronology of the Bible-Challenge To The Standard Version, USA.).


"This Ancient Egyptian cross is the earliest and most ancient sacred symbol of religion. Egyptologist that believe they have successfully deciphered Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics say it is called the ANKH, meaning LIFE. The meaning is correct, however, that is not what the Ancient Egyptians called it. The original Ancient Egyptian word that Egyptologists tried to decipher was NKWA. The language from which this word originated is Akan and it actually means LIFE. This symbol was the Ancient Egyptian sacred religious symbol that reinforced the cross on which Jesus was crucified, as a sacred Christian symbol. How did this happen? The early Christian Church of Ancient Egypt adopted the NKWA symbol as the symbol of their Church and called it Crux Ansata. From here, it was taken to Rome, and there it became a Christian symbol with only a slight variation in design. The symbol of NWKA below was excavated from the tomb of the Akan King Tutu Ankoma, the boy king of Ancient Egypt whose name Europeans have corrupted to Tutankhamun. He ruled from 1336-1327 B.C." (Nana Banchie Darkwah, Ph.D.). Picture of The NKWA (ANKH-CROSS) -Picture of Akan King Tutu Ankoma-Boy King of Ancient Egypt(Name Europeanized to Tutankhamun)- -Ethnic (Tribal) Groups and Intelligentsia of Ancient Egypt- Nana Darkwah (The Africans Who Wrote The Bible) says that the intelligentsia of Ancient Egypt was headed by such ethnic groups as the Akan, Ewe, Ga-Andangbe, Hausa and Ibo. However, he asserts that the Akan was the main ruling class in Ancient Egypt since the majority of Ancient Egyptian kings had Akan names. He gives an example of the Egyptian king of the fourth dynasty who built the Great Pyramid was "Akuffu" and not "Khuffu". Also, Nana Darkwah gives the correct Akan name of the younger son of Akuffu as "Dade Afre" and not "Djedefra", and his elder son was"Okyere Afre" and not "Chephren". He goes on to cite the western scholars incorrect naming of the Ancient Egyptian city Memphis. He says Memphis was an ancient African city and it is still a modern African city called Mamfe. He says Mamfe is located today in the eastern region of Ghana of the Akuapem people. "These are the people of Ancient Egyptian kings Akuffu, Dade Afre, and Okyere Afre and others" " (Nana Darkwah, The Africans Who Wrote the Bible, page xii). -Ga-Adangme In Ancient Egypt & Israel-

The history of Ancient Egypt also has numerous Ga-Adangme names, confirming that the Ga people were in Ancient Israel (Kanaan) and Ancient Egypt. Also, one can find Ga names amongst today's so-called Jewish people. "The most popular of the Ga-Adangme names used by today 's so-called Jewish people is the name of the former Prime Minister of Israel, called Netanyahu. This name was derived from the two Ga-Adangme names "Natey" and "Nyaho"-Neteynyaho" (Nana Darkwah, The Africans Who Wrote The Bible, page 31). -Ewe People In Ancient Times- Around 2700 B.C.E., the Ewe people were among the African ethnic groups that lived in the region of modern day Syria, stretching down to the estuary of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In the book Civilization Before Greece and Rome, H.W. F. Saggs stated that Egyptian documents mentioned a major international power in north Syria called Kheta, and the cuneiform inscriptions knew of a land of Hatti linked to Carchemish on the Euphrates in north Syria. Hatti and Kheta were evidently the same name .(1989, page 10). Incidentally, the ancient name Carchemish on the Euphrates River in north Syria reveals that the Ga ethnic group lived in this region. The name Carchemish derives from the Ga language. It is derived from the Ga words Kaa Kee Mi-meaning do not tell me. Note: "Mi" in the Ga language is the same semantically and phonologically as the English word "M" (Nana Darkwah, The Africans Who Wrote The Bible, page 123). Now, the Ewe ethnic group. The international power that was in the region of north Syria was the Ewe people.

This fact can be discerned because they left their language. The words and names Hatti and Khetta are from the Ewe language. These are names that are still used by Ewe people, today. Ancient Kheta was a geographical location of a place of the Ewe people in North Syria. Today, the Ewe people have established a city named Keta located in the Volta Region of Ghana. The Ewe people were later in Ancient Egypt where they were also Kings and Priests along side the Akan and Ga-Adangme. "They were linked to the El Amarna Letters found in 1887 in modern Egypt. These letters are believed to have been the correspondence between Amenofe III (an Ewe name) and his son Akenten from 1370-1349 B.C. The name Amenophis is the Greek corruption of the modern Ewe name Amenofe (ending pronounced with an aspirant p)." "The Ewe people were therefore not only established in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, they were also established in Ancient Egypt and their story was part of Ancient Egyptian history, literature, and folklore. It was from there that their story also became a part of the biblical story" (ibid. page 124).

"The early apostolic fathers of Christianity and the Church knew of many things that they did not want Christian masses to know about the background history, content and people of the Bible. As a result, the very design of Christianity was based upon protecting the Bible from the lay masses. Until the Reformation, therefore, the Bible was secretly guarded and its content was known to only a few in the Church. Because of the perceived need to protect the Bible from the masses, the earliest design and practice of Christianity was based upon placing a cadre of priests between the Bible and the people" (ibid. page i). -Aryan-Whites Know Well of The Black African Origin of Judaism & Christianity- The African origin of Christianity was common knowledge among western scholars and early apostolic fathers of the Church long before the European Renaissance. This was common knowledge known by Aryan-Whites in the past and is still known, today.

There have been numerous European scholars who have known and written about the falsehoods, fabrications and false assumptions in the foundation of Christianity. One such European-American researcher and writer was Gerald Massey, Volume 1 of 'The Natural Genesis: A Book of the Beginnings (1883). Massey called the story and practice of Christianity the legendary lying lore. In 'The Aryan Myth: A History of Racist and Nationalistic Ideas in Europe, Leon Poliakov revealed that knowledge of the people of the Bible as Black people was common in Europe and in early European scholarship. James Cowles Prichard, by far the most popular anthropologist of the first half of the 19th century, elaborated around 1810 implying that Adam and Eve were Blacks (1996, page 211 see also Histoire Naturelle, pages 146-7, 151). In 1836, a knighted and renowned British orientalist, Sir Godfrey Higggins wrote 'The Anaclypsis, or an inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations, and Religions. He pointed out that the people of the Bible were Black and that in all the early Catholic Churches of Europe: "the God Christ, as well as his mother, are described in their old pictures to be black (peoples). The infant God in the arms of his black mother, his eyes and drapery white , is himself perfectly black" (1836 page 7, see also Was Jesus Christ A Negro and The African Origin of the Myths and Legends of the Garden of Eden, page 14). -More Proof of Black Jesus and His Mother Mary- In 1875, Kersey Graves wrote a book entitled 'The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors'. Graves pointed out from clear evidence in Europe, that Jesus was Black and the people of the Bible were originally Black people. He wrote the following below:

There is as much evidence that the Christian Savior was a black man, or at least a dark man, as there is of his being the son of the Virgin Mary, or that he once lived And moved upon the earth. And that evidence is the testimony of his disciples, who had nearly as good an opportunity of knowing what his complexion was as the evangelists who omit to say anything about it..In the pictures and portraits of Christ by early Christians he is uniformly represented as being black (from The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, cited in Was Jesus Christ A Negro.reprinted in 1987 by Curtis Alexander, ed.) Note: Jesus (Christ) said before his execution by the Romans that "Whatsoever Is Bound On Earth Is Bound In Heaven-And St Peters Has The Keys To Heaven." The statue of St. Peters inside St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy is a Black man. St. Peters was a Black man. Thus, Jesus' last words before his execution was that a Black man has the keys to Heaven. This statement implied that all humanity must come through the Black race to enter Heaven. A similar statement was said by the Muslim Prophet Mohamed. Mohamed saw the feet of Bilal enter Heaven before himself. In Islamic teachings, Bilal was a Black Ethiopian slave before being liberated and subsequently becoming one of the 'first' converts to the Islamic faith. . -European Hatred of Jews And Blacks-Deeply Rooted In Religious Jealousy- Historically, the aristocracy of Europe has always shown hatred against the so-called Jewish people, since it was well known in their socio-political and economic circles that these people were of a Black African origin, who migrated out of Ancient Egypt up into Europe.

Due to the negative anthropological ideas and theories of early European scholars against Black Africans, thus, the knowledge and reality that Judaeo-Christian foundations of Europe actually originated from African theosophy and philosophy, has surely been a major source of social-political embarrassment for Europeans. The racist and extremist Europeans had always seen the so-called Jewish people with suspicion and contempt vis-à-vis their same contempt and ill-feelings they had towards Sub-Saharan Africans. That is to say, historically, the Europeans had no genesis of religion to claim as their own, other than what came up 'out of Africa', Christianity, which was brought to them by the so-called Jews. This fact has left the European (Aryan-Whites) with bitterness, enmity and jealousy against the so-called Jewish peoples and Africans.

Also, this fomented ill feelings among Europeans that the so-called Jewish people had deliberately deceived them so that the Jews would dominate Europe. "This is also the reason no credible reason has been given for the most atrocious massacre of blacks and Jews in human history" (Nana Darkwah, ibid. page 23). Finally, one must know that Aryan-White (European and American) tradition, Apostolic fathers of the Church, theosophical teachings and writings, as well as the Arabs, have all laboured over the past 500 years, trying to disconnect Black Africans from Ancient Egypt, in order to hide the true identity of the original authors of the Bible and the origin from whence the Bible originated, which was Ancient Egypt. In essence, what the Aryan-White race has attempted to do by 'high-jacking' Ancient Egypt: The strategy has been to kill the "Messenger" (Black Ancient Egyptians), but save and embrace the "Message" of the messenger for themselves (the Holy Bible text). It is important to know that Western curiosity and interest in Ancient Egypt, wanting it to be recognized at its genesis as an Aryan-White or Asian Civilization, thus induced Western scholarship to create the discipline science called Egyptology.

The Aryan-White race's main objective in establishing Egyptolgy is to destroy the Black African genesis of Ancient Egypt, and give the world a counterfeit analysis of this Great Civilization as being a creation of the Aryan-White race. However, the late Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegalese), who was a Physicist-Scientist, Egyptologist, Palaeo-anthropologist and World Historian, eloquently sums up the essence of the Aryan-White race's futile attempts to 'white-wash' Ancient Egypt. Diop: "Mankind trying to destroy the Black African genesis of Ancient Egypt, is like trying to drown a fish in the vast ocean!" BY THE MASTER TEACHER H.M. MAULANA.

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