Blackmailing To Invade

It has been long they drank enough of the Igbo blood last. It has been far too long. The opportunity that came during the pogrom of 1966 and the war that followed saw them drink enough blood. More than 700 Easterners were kịlled by the thirsty blood letting Fulanii people. After the pogrom they went on to invade the East and it ended with the death of more than 3.5 million Biafrans.

It has really been long and now they are looking for opportunity to invade again. Reason they kept blackmailing IPOB. Tell me what IPOB will be doing with the death of a peace loving Hausa woman? IPOB members are no cowards. And neither are they stupid to go after such innocent children. Even when such deaths will stain their image worldwide. But the agendist really want to invade.

But wait a minute...

How come Buhari have suddenly remembered to talk tough? What about those that kịlled Deborah? Why didn't he project tough response for the kịllers of Deborah? Why? Why is it that the military didn't invade the community? Why is it that it is only the South East they will invade after such issues? They will invade and kịll innocent people and no one will talk?

Did I not tell you that we all are slaves in South East. That's the reason they can always move in to kịll innocent youths all the time. Igbo leaders will always remain mute as their people are kịlled by the military and police.

It is time to hold these Igbo leaders responsible. If you say they don't have power to stop the federal soldiers, then what did they say about the kịllings?

Brothers they are coming and it won't be long. May God give the people the strength to stand against the kịllers of his own people.

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Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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