Breaking News ! HON. JUSTICE MAHA of Nigeria Federal high court Exposed

Hon. Justice Maha of Federal High Court Abuja. became a judge of Federal High using her overbearing influence on a senior member of the Bench.
As Justice Maha knows next to nothing.She is under contract with the DSS to be signing draconian orders for the detention of innocent citizens arrested from the south East on suspicious of belonging to IPOB.
On her obnoxious Orders , over 200 innocent citizens of igbo extraction are detained at various detention facility of the Nigerian SSS dungeon without trial .
The worst of it all, she is busy renewing and. enlarging the life span of the orders and even when applications for their bail is filed in her court, she will technically refrained from hearing the application.
Her instruction from the DSS headquarters is to ensure perpetual detention of Igbo people in various DSS detention facility without trial.
We are taking inventory of all innocent civilians that have so far died in various detention facilities of the Nigeria DSS dungeon without facing any form of trial .
Hon. Justice Maha must retrace her step now before it's late in the day . She must be held responsible for all her atrocious acts in the fullness of time
Let her release hundreds of Igbos and hundreds of IPOB members through her court orders now.
Share this post widely until Hon. Justice MAHA receive this post and let the Nigeria DSS know that nothing is hidden under the sun . Biafrans are watching them very closely and we are taking records.

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