Britain Using The Fulanii To Put Ndi Igbo In Check

Nigeria must remain one so that we can continue ra*ping them and keep their resources to ourselves. Should we allow them to disintegrate, we are gone for good. We don't trust those of them that call themselves Ndi Igbo. You just can't trust them with power. We couldn't rule them directly and indirectly during the colonial era. A very difficult people who can't subject themselves to anyone's authority. They keep giving us troubles. During the slave trade era, it was these Igbo people that took over the slave ship and successfully sailed it to America, but instead of subjecting themselves to the soldiers waiting for them, they heroically drown themselves in the ocean. All of them drown with the hope of reincarnating back into Igbo land as Heroes. Or is it their eagerness to always buy their freedom as slaves, there by making us slave owners loose money. These people fought us for years with their Ekumeku war in their own land. It was a gorilla warfare. Something that drew us so back in our move to capture their land and use their resources for ourselves.

This is exactly why we must keep supporting the Fulanii as to keep them in check. This is why we divided them and added them into other regions. We marginalised those of them in the so called South East, so that other Igbo people we kept outside and called them nonexistent South South can deny their identity, their Igboness, as to be accepted.

So far, the Fulanii under our control have done good in their checkmating of these Igbo people. In 1966 we used the Fulanii to kîll millions of them in the North. It was so barbaric that their corpses were littered everywhere in the streets of Northern Nigería. We went on to scuttle the only chance to peace after the jamboree in Aburi Ghana, and brought hell upon them. Yes, our government supplied weapons and machineries to Nigería and Ndi Igbo was dealt with. More than 3.5 million of them were drastically kîlled.

We have made sure they are marginalised. No economy boostering infrastructure in that their South East. No good working international airport, no sea port, no Embassy. But it seems the Fulanii has taken it too far and the country is about to go down. But we won't let it happen. The game is on. We have mapped out attack against their march to freedom, and thrown up one of their own as favourite for Nigería president. All to save one Nigería. Even if he wins, we will always find a way to set Nigería back to square one. We remember how Jonathan used these Igbo people to record success, but we still used a Fulanii man to send everything back to square one.

Nigería must remain one. They can kîll themselves for all we care, but the oil in the East must be in the hand of our country Britain.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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