Can Nigería Be Salvaged? By Elochukwu Ohagi

With what is playing out, it is now certain that Obi is the British candidate. To make sure Obi gets enough vote from the North, Britain is out to widen the division and rancor between Hausa and Fulani. That's the reason for the BBC documentary.

I won't be surprised should Obi pull out a surprise come 2023. Many youths now believe that they can remedy Nigería through Obi. But they will never know that they are still being played and used. In a normal circumstances, Obi will never win. But with Britain's game of divide & rule and his massive youth followership, he might.

What will happen should Obi become Nigería's president? Many Facebook influencers supporting Peter Obi are now presenting him as a ruthless man who will deal with Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They said Obi was so ruthless when he dealt with crimînality and kidnapping in Anambra. That's the reason they say Obi will do wonders.

At times I don't understand why people will always love to lie to themselves. To start with, terrorism is not kidnapping. Also demanding for referendum for Biafra and waving Biafra flags is not terrorism. Obi brought down buildings of some kidnappers. Also under his watch more than 100 MASOB youths were kîlled and their bodies dumped in Ezu River. This actions are what his supporters are using to score cheap points. For them, just like his government kîlled those MASOB members, he will destroy terro-rism in Nigería. But they have failed to acknowledge the fact that those MASOB members aren't terro-rists. So there is no way you can use the kîlling of innocent people to show the strength of your candidate.

I think some of you need to understand what Islămic terrorism mean and where they draw their strength. Boko Haram feed from their religion. Many villagers in the North believe that Boko Haram is fighting a just cause. Some of their leaders are members of Boko Haram. They have infiltrated the military and the police. They are everywhere in the government, yet you think Obi can end them. If you think Obi is ruthless enough to end terrorism in the North, then he can as well drop atomic booooomb in the entire area and end it all at once.

During the time most of these people marketing Obi were marketing Buhari, they told us how he is a tested general and will crush Boko Haram. They told us how he will revitalise the economy to the extent that they will make dollar equal to Naira. Even Wole Soyinka told us that Buhari is now a repentant tyrant. All efforts made to make them understand that they were simply building castles on the air fell on deaf ears.
Today, Buhari has given more power to terrorists, he has destroyed the economy, dwarfed and humiliated the Naira the more, just like we predicted.

Peter, if he wins will sincerely fight terrorism, but he will never win the war. Ask yourself why terrorists won the war in Afghanistan and they are now recognised as the legitimate government in the Afghanistan. You can't win the war against Boko Haram in the North. It will take the terro-rists time, yet they will come out victorious. This is because their fight is rooted in religion. All of you will one day accept that it is their right to be governed the way they want to. They have been indoctrinated and they already have Sharia law in place.

IPOB And Obi Presidency

Some IPOB members are thinking that Obi presidency will end the struggle. Reason some people will be fooled again by the infiltrators to shout no election.
I see Mazi Nnamdi Kanu coming out a free man before the election. Britain will not want his continous illegal detention to be used by the agendists to hinder 2023 election. Should Nnamdi Kanu remain in detention till the election time, then know it that 2023 election will be disrupted in the East. This doesn't mean that IPOB will move against the election. What will happen is that Fulanii agendists will work with the infiltrators to sponsor crime. And while they are doing this, they will fool some people that they are doing it to free MNK. And some will believe them. It is easy to put fear into the minds of the people and force them indoors on that day. This is why I don't think they will risk keeping MNK there till that election period. Though when MNK comes out, those infiltrators will still accuse him of not calling for election boycott because he has sold out. But this won't fly as most of the current infiltrators will be on the run once MNK comes out.

IPOB must be too critical and study events as they unfold. They must read the actions of the zoo and what they will use the infiltrators to do next. The last game the Fulanii oligarchy will play is try to destabilise the East prior to the election as to blame it on IPOB, but they will fail. Know it that at this stage nothing will save one Nigería. With or without Obi One Nigería will come tumbling down.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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