(CAN) should never make the mistake of making a Yoruba man CAN president again without thorough background investigation

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) should never make the mistake of making a Yoruba man CAN president again without thorough background investigation to be sure he's truly a Christian. Not being/ having a mallam in heart and a Christian in suit as a CAN president and executives.

Instead of making a Yoruba man CAN president again, for now, an Hausa Christian who has genuinely repented should be appointed CAN president. An Hausa Christian who has genuinely repented will be more spiritual, more committed and more dedicated to Christ and Christian values than a Yoruba man who just joined church for money and to drag position in an organizations like CAN simply to be mouthpiece of the government against Christians and their interest and welfare.

Show me anything good and anything tangible that this present CAN leadership under Mr. Sampson Ayokunle has achieved for Christians in Nigeria? Absolutely nothing.

To speak for their members when they are kidnapped and k!lled by terr0rists they don't do it. But when it happen elsewhere that a non Christian is k!dnapped or k!lled they will be all over the internet shouting, lamenting and condemning it. Is that how a responsible organization of interest should behave? Was that how Christ behaved. Did Christ ignore or abandoned his followers for wolves to eat them up? Christ cared for his followers as much as others, fed them when they were hungry. But these ones, whenever their members, Christians are k!lled they keep quiet, hide themselves and do and say nothing or even go to Aso Rock to praise and pray for them. Sh@me!

Don't forget, it is in this present CAN leader-less-ship that the U.S.A removed N!ger!a from the T0P C0untries of H!gh R€ligi0us C0ncern And K!lling of Christians.

That was something, a great feat IPOB, Kukah worked so hard to put N!ger!a in that list in the U.S.A which slowed down the Jhadists that period in view. But this present CAN came and watered everything down, all their efforts watered down and last year U.S.A rem0ved N!ger!a from that list of High R€ligi0us C0ncern And Kill!ngs of Christians and this CAN executive did nothing but kept quiet and did as if nothing happened till date.

That is how to know a person or an organization that is HIGHLY compromised and C0orrupt.

We have no confidence in this present CAN president and its executive. They are bought over by the government and they are working against the interest and welfare of Christians in Nigeria. The earlier the Christian body remove them the better or they better know this present CAN is not for them and their interest.

Well, you may not like what I'm saying, but it is pure TRUTH I'm telling you. Because I know, if I don't say it,, no one else will say it because many have been caged by religion not to voice out pure truth like this. So, I must tell it to you to know and be aware and whatever you do with it is entirely yours.


© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya

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