challenge to Mr Ekpa

I heard that the crimînal in Finland said 11 DOS members are working with Nelly. That's same Ekpa everyone know he is Nelly and Nelly is himsa. Same Nelly he worked with and conducted fake ESN fundraising with for 8 months. That some idiots are singing that trash from him is not surprising at all.

Why is Ekpa delaying in mentioning the names of the so called DOS members? Because it does not exist. He is a chronic blackmailer. He thrives in lies and accusations he can't defend. It is 8 months and Ekpa is yet to open the can of worms he promised.

Why is it that his gullible government eerats are not demanding he mention their names? Because they aren't real. They are crimînals recruited to give Ekpa backing. They were prepared by the politicians. They have phones they use to support their dubious politicians and the the one they use to pretend as they lover of MNK and Biafra. You see them shout our leader this and that. All fake crimînal. Even some Otelectuals are among these people. The aim is to make it appear like Ekpa have followers. These guys are two personalities in one. That's why they are shamelessly echoing every lies from Ekpa. They can't engage you. They will only say something unconnected to what you posited.

Ekpa's shame will be the greatest of them all.

I challenge Mr Ekpa to mention the names of that 11 DOS members. Yes, I know you can't, because it doesn't exist.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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