"Challenges of Accountability and Trust in Nigeria: A Call for Critical Engagement and Fact-Checking"

The lack of critical questioning by many Nigerians regarding their leaders has allowed those in power to act with impunity, perpetuating a cycle of oppression and unaccountability.

Even when attempts are made to hold the authorities accountable, there are individuals who, despite being oppressed by these very authorities, inexplicably come to their defence.

It is disheartening to witness the underutilization of the internet by Nigerian youths, who could harness its potential for conducting thorough research and fact-checking.

This lack of engagement with information and knowledge-sharing platforms raises questions about the effective use of their available time and resources.

While it is essential to emphasize that no one should condone acts of kidnapping, it is also crucial to acknowledge the widespread lack of trust in the Nigerian police force.

This scepticism is so profound that it often leads to comparisons between the credibility of law enforcement and that of the criminals they are meant to apprehend.

In light of these concerns, it is imperative to encourage Nigerians to engage in diligent research and fact verification.

For instance, a recent case involving Chinaza Philips has revealed discrepancies in the information shared, highlighting the importance of scrutinizing and verifying the details presented.

Available information about Chinaza Philip shows that she is a female.

Our research shows that the photo shared by @PoliceNG has been manipulated, as the original image is 'xx' a 30-year-old man from South Africa.

Don't forget the previous issue of @OfficialAPCNg when they photoshopped photos showing that PETER OBI was arrested in the UK and interrogated.

These instances underscore the necessity of thorough investigation and scrutiny in the face of misleading or inaccurate information.

As members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), we are committed to upholding the principles of intelligence and integrity.

We refuse to accept complacency and are dedicated to pursuing truth and justice. Our resolve remains unwavering, and we stand prepared to confront any challenges with determination and discernment.

Fake FCT arrest.

Fake image shared.


IPOB Liverpool Central
January 19, 2024

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