Chi and Onyeuwa

Chi and Onyeuwa are not the same. But they are interconnected,this is why we refer to ONYEUWA as Chi-Onyeuwa or simply Chi. Another name for Onyeụwa is Agụ̀. But Chi is Chi as I know.

While Onye ụwa is a reincarnate ancestor, Chi is a pure energy from the motherboard (God)that created this plane bearing all the qualities of the Creator.

While Onyeuwa can reincarnate two or more persons, Chi is only one, designed for a specific person and purpose. Thus the saying, " Otu nne na-amụ, mana otu Chi adịghị ekè"
But Chi ,due to the aged condition of the black race, must infuse into Onyeuwa to take flesh. Therefore to have direct access to your Chi you must recognize OnyeUwa.

Onyeuwa is just one of the doors you open to "see" your Chi, "Nwata nyopuo mmụọ, ọ fụ Chi ya".

Recognizing your Onyeuwa is not an end in itself but a means to an end, which is to connect with your CHI.

As a matter of fact all rituals are never an end in themselves, but means to an end, and that is to open the blocked channel to your CHI. The one who is able to become and sustain oneness with his Chi would transcend and have little or no need for any more rituals, he becomes a god and his body a temple. Ọkara mmụọ ọkara mmadụ. But also he becomes different. And in most cases alone but never lonely.

Attaining a union with your individual Chi is really the essence of everything. The ones who are not reincarnated by any ancestor but are born direct of their Chi are the most powerful, but they are impossible to find for their era has gone. Ọdịnanị is a journey. Stay focused

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