“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” John Adams.
China is taking over Africa and the most dangerous support they are offering are debts.
African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia was fully funded by China, ECOWAS headquarters was funded by China. China has built 7 Parliaments in Africa. China has built Railways, Roads, Stadia and houses in many African countries.
Few years ago, China helped Sri Lanka to build Hambantota Port, this was done with Chinese loans. Sri Lanka struggled to payback the loan and in the year 2017 Chinese said “You can’t pay the debt, just lease us this port for 99years “ Sri Lank were not happy about it but they had no option because for them to waive the huge debt they had to lease the port. Now port Hambantota belongs to China.
Recently, in Uganda China has threaten to take Uganda only International Airport if they fail to pay $ 200 million loan. This is a clear example on how China is recolonizing some countries indirectly.
When you owe someone money that person has power over you especially when it reaches appoint you cannot pay them back.
50 years ago China was a very poor country with a huge population. China has become one of the main investors in Africa by opening up their cheap workforce. Their economy has exploded and now they are funding many Projects in Africa. They are becoming world superpower. Their policies are accommodative to many countries especially countries in Africa.
I am not saying we should fight China neither I am I saying we should not collaborate with them. Let's be very careful on how we trade. What we should do is to learn from them and renegotiate the terms of engagement for the benefit of Africans.
By Amos Onyango

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