IPOB ONTARIO BIAFRA REFERENDUM Choosing Between Freedom And The Charade Called Elections In Nigeria

Choosing Between Freedom And The Charade Called Elections In Nigeria

Let me begin by thanking the Almighty, Chukwu Okike, for establishing the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) and the Biafran leader, Nnamdi Kanu, whose timely intervention has put a spanner in the vile imperialistic cog of the colonial British and their Fulani hegemonic caliphate – Nigeria. His setting up of Radio Biafra back in 2009 was timely. Had it not been, Biafra land may have been encircled before we even know what was coming. To only the discerning minds, the emergence of this present dictator in the saddle of the Nigerian state, Muhammadu Buhari, has only one agenda – Islamization. That is indisputable. Since the inception of this present administration on the 29th of May, 2015, Nigeria has gone from one calamity to the other. They campaigned with the mantra of stopping the menace of Boko Haram in 90 days. But all we have witnessed is continuous chaos and destruction.

This deadly terrorist organization ranked 4th deadliest in the world has even metamorphosed and branched off into another deadlier offshoot called Fulani herdsmen. This latest group is another murderous and deadly arm of the APC political party while Boko Haram remains the militant group. Their sole aim like its political wing is to rape, pillage, kill, raze down communities and drive away the remaining inhabitants into oblivion for the sole purpose of taking over their lands. Muhammadu Buhari has not hidden his agenda. It’s clear for all discerning minds. He’s the life patron of the Fulani herders association known as Miyetti-Allah Cattle Breeders Association. The activities of these very dangerous terror groups have gone unchecked and unmitigated. More than 30,000 thousand innocent lives have been massacred in the last three and a half years since his assumption of office with the deceptive political slogan of “change.”

It’s on record that he has never for once, condemned the heinous activities of these killer herdsmen who roam about with sophisticated weapons, causing mayhem, because he is in full support of their carnage. In a country where only military personnel are allowed by law to carry arms. One wonders what business a cattle herder has with AK-47 automatic rifles, brandishing it and slaughtering people with impunity. It’s a clear case of state-sponsored terrorism. Hundreds of towns and villages have been made desolate and have only been left with just tents. They have embarked on pure ethnic cleansing and land grabbing. They are presently in the north central states but now making occasional forays on some southern towns and villages. He and his handlers are intent on bringing the agenda to completion through grabbing power in the next administration.

The current situation has made the coming of Biafra inevitable. The ‘no election’ stance championed by IPOB and her leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has become their albatross, because it’s clearly the most potent weapon with which to bring the zoological republic to its knees. Nigeria has proven to be adept at the art of rigging every election that has ever been conducted since the inception of Nigeria. The colonial British taught them how to manipulate elections to their own selfish advantage, to keep them perpetually in power. But many gullible and undiscerning Nigerians see election as the best way to change their fortunes for the better without knowing that in a skewed system like Nigeria, it is the desire of the corrupt politicians to hoodwink the people into voting, since it is the only way to legitimize their fraud and hold-of-power in a corrupt system.

Fortunately, there’s the consistency and steadfastness of IPOB and her leader to compliment. They have understudied the reason the first attempt at emancipation failed and have come to a valuable conclusion that only a boycott of the election will suffice in the mission to break the jinxes of savagery in the fraudulent Nigerian entity. Muhammadu Buhari clearly came with a jihadist agenda judging from his age-long calls for it. Now he has the full leverage and has called on all his kit and kin from all over West Africa to join him in this onslaught, to ravage and take over Nigeria. Historically, Fulanis, coming from the Futa Jalon mountains in present-day Guinea, are not natives to any of the Nigerian territories but have used savagery, conquest, impunity and fraudulent land-grabbing acts to take over lands from their numerous host communities within the geographical space.

Biafrans are notably the only race that have defied their quest for expansion, the take-over of Biafra land and the entire south. Since the advent of the inglorious British invasion, they have been passive in this game of jihadist conquest until the present jihadist Buhari’s administration. It’s a carnage planned against the entire Africa. 7 principal countries were earmarked for conquest with Nigeria being the biggest jewel. That is essentially why they have refused to allow the Nigerian federation to truly work for the benefit of Africa. By boycotting the 2019 elections, the people of Nigeria will truly return power to its indigenous population.

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