Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has been hijacked

When I told you that our CAN, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has been hijacked, some of you thought I was wrong.

I told you that CAN, especially this present executives that they are us€less like NLC. They are only powerful when it comes to opposing and speaking against a Southern/Southerners. And they are more political than spiritual. Very corrupt.

As NLC is us€less to Nigerians, that is how this present CAN led by this present executive under Mr Samson Ayokunle is us€less to Christians in Nigeria.

* Weeks ago, Deborah was k!lled in Sokoto and her body paraded and burnt by her k!llers who publicly and boldly agreed they did it, this present CAN C0wardly did nothing, but rather blamed Deborah, the dead victim

* When the evangelist was beh€aded in Abuja for preaching, C0ward and C0rrupt CAN kept quiet.

* Leah Shuaibu is still with the boko haram terr0rists who k!dnapped her. I learnt she has given birth for boko haram, still this present C0ward and C0rrupt CAN are still keeping quiet and has done nothing about her release.

* Many Southern Kaduna Christians has been ma$sacred en mass, k!lled in thousands, and thousands of them displaced and sent to IDP camps, this present C0ward and C0rrupt CAN kept mute.

Adamawa CAN chairman was k1dnapped and beh€aded by F.ulan! terr0rists headsmen, this present C0ward and C0rrupt CAN did nothing but kept quiet.

Many Biafra Christians has been abducted and k!lled in Imo, Abia, Anambra, Enugwu, Ebonyi but C0ward and c0rrupt CAN remained d.eaf and d.umb.
And the list is endless!

Two days ago, sad news broke out that an Hausa woman and her 4 children were k!lled in Anambra by unknown gunmen, but those pursuing a w1ck€d and €v!l agenda against IPOB without any investigation said it was IPOB.

Then, this present C0ward and C0rrupt CAN found their lost voice, jumped out from hiding and started warming IPOB and joined in accusing IPOB falsely and warning IPOB to stop kl!lling. What a dec€ption!

This is the same IPOB that cared so much for the lives and safety of their people, who, because of that care and safety of their people told Pastor Kumuyi last week and these C0ward and C0rrupt CAN who don't care for the lives and safety of their members to call-off a crusade they scheduled to hold this week in Aba because of insecurity in South East to avoid mass slaughtering of our people by jihadists. That is the same IPOB, CAN leadership joined in accusing wrongly.

Note that before CAN came out with its false accusation, IPOB had already released a press release and refuted that false accusations that came from agendists. But an unconfirmed false report by copy and paste N!ger!a media was what a body like CAN depended on, used to LI€ and was spreading false accusation, joined copy and paste and ly!ng N!ger!a med!a to spread.

Obviously, this present CAN is now confirmed one of the groups being sponsored to L!€ and blackmail IPOB. Big SH@ME.

Indeed, judgement will begin from the Church.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya

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