Could this hypocrisy be justified if you are the victim?

The world and hypocrisy that surrounds it is one factor that makes the word "HUMANITY" a charade and lie. It is same hypocrisy of the world that will make a country that claim to be the pioneer of democracy, rule of law and human rights look the other way round when some countries which they benefit from commits grave violations. A country like USA, UK is an example of the phrase "once law is reduced to favor some people, it ain't law anymore". If you look at the amount of human rights abuses committed in many countries allied to US, UK, you will be marveled.

For example, a citizen of a country was kidnapped in a foreign country amid all the outcries and violations of international laws which prohibits such, USA, UK is yet to take the lead as they would for certain people. Could their proclaimed democracy, rule of law and human rights be mouthwatering?

Will it be right when certain people are in the same ordeal?

Remember we're talking about the hypocrisy of the world. It is also ironic that a popular and recognized platform like Amnesty International select people they seek justice for their human rights violations and yet claim to work for all humanity. The hypocrisy cannot be hidden anymore. A UK citizen and public figure is incarcerated in a foreign country that's not his destination, not even Amnesty International UK have for one day mention him or recognize his human rights abuses simply because he does not have blue eyes and blonde hair and he dare loved his people. What hypocrisy can be more than that?

Everyone is running bizarre over the Russia/Ukraine conflict that is less than a month old simply because it is happening in a certain part of the world. What of those who have suffered and still suffering much more brutal and dreaded war than Ukraine for years now. Was the same proportional attention given to them?

What if,

My almost realized nation becomes world power today and American citizen became the victim in a foreign country they're not equal to and require only my country's influence to save the day and my country maintained the chameleon role and lifestyle of USA, UK today. Will America not feel betrayed, hated and abandoned?

Just what if, the tide is turned and they(UK, USA woke up to my today's reality. Is it fantastic?

There's this school of thought that say "what is good for you can also be good for me". Haven't the world and humanity at large come across such word to realize that some people can't be subservient while others kings and queens?

~Chukwudi Samuel, 23 03 2022.

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