Isuikwuato as a political and administrative district was created in 1930 and Oghughe its headquarters.
This was after the Colonial masters came into the land in 1910.

The Obi Stool holder at the time Umo Isiakwa consulted "Oha na Uke Ovum" this was after they where informed by Eberebe Ukoha a trader who his trading activities took him to various parts of Igboland including Arochukwu and Bende where he saw how the White men that came to colonize Arochukwu used force to get to the people who opposed their entry into their villages, destroyed their Shrines and forced the people to accept their new religion. In 1910 the Obi Stoolholder Umo Isiakwa asked Eberebe Ukoha to go to Bende and meet the District Officers there and told him that his people of Ovum were ready to recieve his men and submit to his administration. The District Officer was happy and issued a warrant to Eberebe Ukoha recognising him as the Chief of Ovum. He sent with him his soldiers to demarcate the boundary of Ovim so that the area would be protected. When the soldiers sent by the District Officer came Chief Eberebe Ukoha showed them the area within his domain. These included the whole of Imenyi-Ahaba, Ezere, Ovum, Isiyi, Amaba, Amuta, and Echiele Otampa.

In 1930 two district officers from Bende and Okigwe, Messr Leming and Chopp invited the Chiefs and sub-chiefs from what is now known as Isuikwuato. They told them that a new District would be carved out for them. The Ovim group from Bende would join the Amawu and Oguduasaa from Okigwe to make up the new District. People from Ovim protested and said they want to remain in Bende but a voting was conducted and the people that supported the creation of a new District won. The new district was created and named Isuikwuato. Oghughe was chosen as the headquaters of the new district and a Court was built there. Isuikwuato was placed under Okigwe Division and the Chiefs rendered their accounts to the District Officer at Okigwe.

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