9th March,2024.

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great indefatigable liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu wish to debunk falsehood propagated by the Nigeria government through some compromised media houses and social media plattforms that Nigeria Joint Security Forces entered and uprooted the mother valley of ESN at Orsuihitukwa in Imo State.

For almost three (3) years now IPOB have raised alarm and have constantly disassociated ourselves publicly from the infiltrator's criminal gang recruited by the Nigeria govvernment and double agent in Finland and commanding the mother valley camp and Butuzor (Temple), their commander operating around Orsuihitukwa and Orsumoghu in Imo and Anambra State respectfully. The viral video on social media showing the murderous Nigeria military inside the mother valley are indication that Nigeria Security Forces knew the pranks and deception they were doing on the public. Nigeria security forces have been for over three years but did nothing. This was to show you that they have finished using them and they will eliminate all in no distance future.These criminal gangs that Nigeria Security Agencies claimed to have bursted their camp were recruited and funded by the Nigerian government through Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State and with the aid and under the cover of the agent provocateur in Finland. That is why their so-called mother valley headquarter is inside Hope Uzodinma's home provence at Orsu Local Government in Imo State.

They assisted Hope Uzodinma in winning his second term in office. After failed dialogue between the Imo State government representatives - Deputy governor and others and the Infiltrators General Commander Butuzor (Temple), Imo State and the Federal Government mobilized the military to dislodge and eliminate them. The Nigerian government and its security agencies are confused. How would they be mentioning Butuzor whose name was found written inside the Liberation Army camp. Under their agent provocateur in Finland and still come outside to mention ESN Operatives and IPOB volunteers. Those who went there knew where the criminal liberation army ran to, and they would not mention it. Again, IPOB will tell them and tell them where they ran to, to disturb the community in Okigwe LGA. The Nigerian government will still mention IPOB and ESN Operatives. They can now stop because everyone knows about their blackmail.

The struggle for Biafra freedom championed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members worldwide is a responsible movement devoid of crime and violence. IPOB and ESN are in the forefront fighting terror and criminalities in Biafra Land. We are not involved in any form of crime as constantly alleged by the Nigerian government and her blackmailing media.

The Nigeria Security Forces must stop ridiculing themselves because they are aware that these criminals were recruited by the government itself and their double agent in Finland who is giving command to Butuzor (Temple) to head the criminal camp not an ESN member. Let me ask Nigeria security forces; Does it mean that anybody wearing Nigeria security forces uniforms go for armed robbery with security uniforms is a member of Nigeria security? The crininals camps burst by joint Security Forces are not ESN Operatives. They are criminals under the payroll of Hope Uzodinma and the name Biafra Liberation Army under the umbrella of the deceptive government in exile headed by their so-called crime minister in Finland, Simon Ekpa. They are funded by the Nigerian government via their double agent, Simon Ekpa, to infiltrate and demonize IPOB but were defeated. We demand that the joint Security Forces publicly display their insignias they collected from the camp. They were BLA insignia showing they are not ESN.

Our struggle to achieve Biafra freedom is something the Nigeria government and its security agencies is not able to understand. Any day, the ESN and IPOB volunteers decide to carry arms against the Nigeria government and its security agencies they will understand.

The Nigeria Government should stop all this cheap blackmail against IPOB and ESN Operatives and call these criminals by their names and leave IPOB and ESN Operatives alone. They knew that this current schenanigans is to blackmail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in view of the court case coming up on the 19 and 20 of March. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is innocent and will continue to defeat Nigeria in their court without political interference because self-determination is lawful.

ESN Operatives are smarter than you can imagine. If Nigeria Security Forces like they should hire brass band and dance around all the Igbo Market squares to tell Ndigbo to dislike IPOB and ESN. It will be a waste of energy and time on their part. Ndigbo know that IPOB and ESN are not criminals but are those protecting our land. Ndigbo know that IPOB and ESN are their last line of defense against Fulani jihadist who enjoy military and Police collaboration and protection. IPOB are the people, and the people are IPOB. The Nigerian government should deal with it.


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