Democracy in Africa

I remember the enthusiasm Liberians had for George Weah when he won his presidency. He even invited Arsène Wenger for his inauguration.

Today what's happening? The country is still a property of Firestone Rubber company. Just like Nigeria is an appendage of Shell petroleum company and Glencore.

People are still suffering as they were when Charles Taylor was there. In fact to maintain peace George have placed almost all the influential former Rebels on a hefty salary, to keep them happy.

While the citizens suffer and hunger. George and his family and sycophants are living large.

No criticisms in the press because he's doing exactly the bidding of the West, by allowing foreign rubber and mining companies to operate freely without issues.

If you criticise him in the local press you're finished.

In 2019, he shut down his first radio station that criticised him. Many more have been shut down since then.

Last year, opposition figure Henry Costa was about to appear for an interview on a radio station. Few minutes to interview time, government security agents threatened to bomb the station if the interview went ahead. It was cancelled.

I saw him last week doing the BUGA dance at a Kizz Daniel concert in Liberia, attended richly by the children of the political elite in Liberia...that's the typical African leader, so out of touch. They don't care if their people are starving, nothing must stop their enjoyment.

Democracy in Africa is just the continuation of colonialism. It is never about the people. Once the interest of the people is put first, the west will blacklist that African leader and want to overthrow him using fellow Africans.

If it's not about the people why then do we call it democracy?

Also what is it in Africans that makes it impossible for them to use power and uplift the lives of their own kind? Are we cursed? Abụrụ ndị isi ojii ọnụ?

Written by Ikechukwu Ka Dibia Onyeji

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