If Governor Soludo and his 15-Man Committee are sincere, honest and ready to uncover the sponsors of the ki!l!ngs and k!l!ers in Anambra State and entire Igbo land they should look beyond IPOB/ESN and go after the real perpetrators who might likely be his colleagues in government.
Why do I say they might likely be his colleagues in government?
Recall that one of the last South East Governors forum's meeting /emergency meeting that Obiano was supposed to attend as a Governor before Anambra election where they were to discuss about insecurity in South East by the South East Governors, that the former Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano was absent and he also refused to send a delegate to represent him. And when he was asked by some journalists why he was absent, he said "I cannot be in the same meeting discussing insecurity with people who are sponsoring k!ll!ngs/insecurity in my state"
Did you get the point now? If you didn't gerit, forgerit.
Again, recall also, that after the Easter Imo Prison Attack, Hope Uzodimma came out and said that he has made his investigation and following the CCTV footages, that it was not IPOB/ESN that attacked the Imo Prison.
What else do you want to hear before you know that IPOB/ESN are not involved and are not behind the insecurity, k!ll!ngs and burning down of our people's properties in South East?
I repeat, If Governor Soludo is sincere, honest and serious to expose the sponsors of insecurity and those behind insecurity in his state, and Igbo land as a whole, he should look beyond IPOB/ESN, they might be his colleagues in government.
Also, don't forget that M!yett! Al!ah last year said that they are off!c!ally in Imo state and Ebonyi State on the approval of the Governor, Hope Uzodimma and Dave Umahi to help them f!ght !nsecurity in Igbo land.
Lastly,, have you asked yourself this question:
All the people, weapons and security agents that were mobilized and brought into Anambra state before/during the Anambra election last year, where are those people now and where are the weapons? Have they been demobilized out of the state? Or are they still in Anambra State and/or other places in Igbo land?
Figure it out.
© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
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