what is dibia and who is a dibia: Dibia is the adept of wisdom and knowledge that reveals himself, and a dibia is someone who is born with the special abilities and faculties such as: 1, Ifu ụzọ( seeing beyond ordinary, 2, Aka ile ( potent hand) for healing 3, Ọnụ atụ, (potent mouth,

So to be a dibia , one has to earn it from God who would give one a share of Chi Dibia. Then that attracts for one the possession of the Holy Spirit, Agwu. Then one will get into the right placement with the ancestral spirit and other spirits and powers that be. And one will be given the Ọfọ Dibia, ikenga dibia, afịfịa na ọgwụ and Akpa dibia, a Dibịa would be equipped with all these ever before coming to this plane of consciousness.

Being blessed with the Holy Spirit, Agwu will possess Dibịa sometimes that a Dibịa becomes completely under the control of Agwu, that everything a Dibịa dose is as lead by Holy Spirit, Agwu, he or she speaks the voice of the Holy Spirit, think the thought of the holy spirit and hears with the divine ears of the Holy Spirit. This is why the Afa name for Dibia is: Ọbala Otule na ebu Obala Akwụ meaning: The Mouthpiece of the God of light who commands the Elements and all in the world and whose pronouncements come to pass and take effect. So if you are a true Dibịa, it is not expected that you speak empty words!!!

In other words, Dibịa’s make up are both spiritual and physical, it is in this attributes that gives the dibia the Afa name ( Obala tule) the mouthpiece of the God of light (Agwu).

Before I stop, let me mention some recognised classes of Dibias: Dibia Afa, Dibia Aja, Dibịa Ọgwụ, dibia ora- mmiri, some dibias can combine some of these works while some specialised on one or two.
Dibias power depends on the type of Agwu that possesses one,, because Agwu has levels, the most powerful Agwu is: Nne Agwu, any Dibia possessed by Nne Agwu is truly (Obala otule) he or she will be speaking the mind of the Holy Spirit.

Yes Dibia can do anything, but there is only one thing a Dibịa can never do…..

A dibia can never cure Ọnatala Chi (Destiny)

So next time you hear that someone born blind is healed, na lie 😀😀😀

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