Did you notice the lies by BBC News Igbo , Al Jazeera English, ITV Channel TV and TVC NEWS NIGERIA concerning the murder of Deborah and the riots organized by her kị́llers in Sokoto, Northern Nigerịa?

These media houses came out to lie that Deborah was kịlled as a result of ASSU strike. They went further to say that the riot that took place after her gruesome murder was as a result of youths protesting the death of Deborah. All these things are lies.

I don't think all these media houses will lie without the hand of the government being in it.

The government is protecting murderers and helping to misinform the people about the atrocities terro-rists are committing. Why should all these media houses misinform people without consequences. Misinforming people in something that is very clear to all of us.

Even #BBC that claims to have set up a Disinformation Team was caught up in the same lies. That's to tell you that what is going on is deep.

Recently, we have seen both Nigerịa Army, police and government trying to blackmail IPOB. They tell lies and accuse IPOB in everything. Now that something is happening up there in the North, we didn't see neither the military or police protecting the people. The terro-rists had a field day in destroying properties and kị́lling innocent people. They went to markets and destroyed goods belonging to Igbo business men and women. These things happened for hours, without soldiers coming out to arrest the situation.

That is in a country DSS will take time to trace and arrest a Biafran for snapping a picture with a Biafran color. That's in a country military will come to the East and shoot peaceful protesters. That's in a country military will be the first to deliver a press release had it been it is about the East. Boko Haram will attack, kị́ll 150 soldiers in Boronu and you won't hear it in the news. And when you did hear it, they will tell you how they kịlled 150 terro-rists, while one soldier paid the supreme prize.

Where is the military Igbo writer of press releases in the Sokoto incidence? Maybe, because there is absolutely no way to connect it to IPOB, reason we have not seen press releases.

By the way, who is selling to these lying houses masquerading as media houses those lies they are brandishing? What are they protecting? You don't ask because you don't care. You are waiting for their next lie against IPOB so that you can start shouting as usual.

We must end this entity or...

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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