Did you remember #EndSARS?

Did you remember #EndSARS? Did you remember what happened to it immediately Edo prison break happened? The government used tinted jeeps to bring crimînals to infiltrate the protest ground. Immediately this started, the crimînals started stabbing peaceful #EndSARS protesters and destroying government infrastructures. What happened is that the government used crimînals to destroy a little of their own buildings to save themselves from the anger of the youths.

With the injection of these crimînals, they justified their introduction of military and police against the protesters. It was also on this premise that the military opened fire on protesters kîlling many of them.

This was same thing the government wanted to do to IPOB. Like they infiltrated #EndSARS protesters, they also infiltrated IPOB. Lots of crimînals were injected and they took advantage of the gullîble few to make a stand. Many IPOB members and lovers of Biafra believed in unnecessary garagara, and these people capitalized, telling them exactly what they wanted to hear.

They were encouraged to start acting anyhow. They invented grounds for anarchy. They made it look like ESN has gone rogue and taken over by non IPOB members. The reason for all these was to breed an opportunity for the total invasion of Igbo land by Nigería military. The military needs to come in and occupy Igbo land, and they needed something that will justify their coming into Igbo villages.

These government recruits made statements capable of destroying our villages. They gave many pronouncements with nothing to show for it. While doing this, they continued telling their gullîble followers what they wanted to hear. Empty words with zero action. They made lots of promises and none was carried out. I heard them give Nigería military date to vacate Igbo land. But today after the date elapsed, they did nothing and said nothing. The aim of the statement was to give the military justification to move into more communities. The more they talk loud and senselessly, they endanger more the lives of our people. This is why I told you they are working for the politicians, the oppressors and the government.

They used this method against #EndSARS protest and ended the protest immediately. The success that came out of it made them to use it against IPOB. But with IPOB it failed. IPOB leadership immediately understood what their plans was and immediately changed strategy. There was every need to separate IPOB from these impostors making pronouncements in the name of IPOB. For the lives of many of Ndi Igbo lies in that. And IPOB leadership did the needful.

IPOB media warriors went into sensitization. They started informing the people about the plans of the government to destroy the struggle. With these many things were averted. With the call off of Monday sit at home officially by IPOB, they stopped the kîlling of our people on Mondays just to blackmail IPOB. IPOB maintained that ESN is under them and are only in the Bush defending Biafrans against Fulani herdsmen terrorists. IPOB saved lots of souls with the call off of sit at home during Anambra election, after studying the plans of the federal government of Nigería.

Today, God used their wicked games to perfect IPOB and made her stronger. The enemies of IPOB has been defeated. Don't give them publicity anymore.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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