You see this Nigeriaa? If you make a pastor or priest your governor or president. Or you extract a MONK from the monastery and make him a top government official, he or she is likely to fail and woofuly too. This is how bad your Nigeria is.
I didn't make these things up. So don't think I am just exaggerating, for I am not. If you doubt me, you can take a look back at the people that have governed this nation, especially those you so much trusted. All of them disappointed. Did you remember Adams Oshemole? He was a Labour leader. He was against politicians and speaking against them. He organised many stike against the government. With all that he did, the people voted him into power as the governor. Some people died trying to make sure they don't steal away this position from him. The man went in and became the devil incarnate. He disappointed the people and looted the state dry.
What did you say when you were trying to make sure Rochas Okoroacha becomes victorious against the incumbent governor in Imo state then? Lots of people said that he is supper rich, he is a philanthropist and will never have time to steal public funds. But this same man did not only loot public funds, he went after lands belonging to individual citizens and stole them.
Mr Uche Ogbuagu comes to mind here. This young man used his comedy to speak about the bad condition ravaging the people. He spoke against the government and the politicians. He made a move into politics and the people supported him, thinking he will make a difference. But he has turned like his colleagues.
Nigeria politics is like a diry stagnant water you can't swim and remain the same. The pool called Nigeriaa politics is so dirty and contagious. The system was programed to fail. No matter how saintly you are, once you join Nigeriaa politics, you are bound to become satan's first son.
Nigeriaa politics is not something you can transform. The politicians knew this, but they won't tell you
They will keep telling you that they will transform the country, when they know they can't. It is all about money for them. It is just for them to loot, get money and better the lives of their immediate family members, their friends and girl friends. You were never in their plan and can never be. If you are someone that ever believed that Nigeriaa will one day get better, then you are just fooling yourself. Don't forget that they made your fathers believe this same lie. Today they are too old or dead, yet Nigeria is worse than yesterday. Will you let them fool you like they did to your fathers?
You must not change your mind towards the dismemberment of Nigeria. That's the only way we can truly free ourselves. We are a different people forced together by the British. We must be prepared to end this forced marriage. We don't have same ideology, no same language, we don't eat same food, we don't practice same culture and neither do we practice same religion. Fulanii is always attacking and killing others. It is riot and choas every time. Marginalisation of the East has become a Nigeria government policy. These and many more are the reasons you must not believe in One Nigeriaa or in any of these politicians. Do not be fooled.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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