Do They Even Know What They Are Fighting For?

I really don't understand how some of us understand the term FREEDOM FIGHTING. Freedom fighting is never desperation and neither is freedom fighting terr-orism. Men and women that is unstable can never be successful freedom fighters. Never. Emotionally driven individuals will continue to make destructive mistakes should they be allowed into the leadership of a struggle, same with ignorant men and women. Then dubi-ous men is a no no. They should not even be allowed to be members.
I am still wondering what some of us think freedom fighting is? The way some of us are reasoning, what they need is to tell them what they want to hear, and probably empty them into the a dirty well without them knowing.
So some of you think it is allowed for some people to recruit criminals to ter-rorize people all in the name of freedom fighting? You think some individuals will raise fake ESN and IPOB leadership that own ESN will keep quiet? You think some individuals will claim to command ESN they know nothing about, neither do they know how they were created and there won't be consequences?....and to confuse you, they used money given to them by the politicians to recruit cultists and IPOB will condone it? You think some people will raise funds using the name IPOB and IPOB leadership will not bring them to book? You think mentioning the names of some criminals - the IDUU Mermaid in America and his/her wife - the Ekperima in Finland, recruited to be terrorizing our people is wrong? But all these while you didn't tell them to use their names and not IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's names for it?
Who are being blamed for the atrocities "Ekperima's" boys are committing? Will IPOB mention their names had it been they stopped using IPOB for the fraud they are committing? Oh, those criminals they recruited are your fellow brothers, but those the criminals have been killings and putting in harm's way are not your brothers? Some of us are truly allowing themselves to be fooled and emotionally caged.
Why is the 'thing' in Finland using the name IPOB, ESN, Mbranch and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when he is not ready to obey instructions and be disciplined according to the rules of IPOB. You keep claiming that you are indigenous person of Biafra, so you have right to use IPOB. You are funny. Why are you not laying claim to MASSOB? Don't you know that IPOB is an acronym and was legally registered?
ESN is the brainchild of IPOB. ESN should not be messed with or duplicated. ESN has a duty and that is to confront Fulani herdsmen terro-rists ravaging our people. Their base is in the bush. When this changes we will know. But for now IPOB has not said otherwise. Each and everyone of you that have used IPOB to raise funds are criminals. The Nigeria mentality in you will never allow you to know this, but when in future you face court cases, you will come back to rant.
When some of you say cry me a river, I laugh. Do you know why? I see rivers of tears flowing already from your eyes. Have you seen IPOB leadership mention names of MASSOB security or any other group claiming to be fighting for Biafra? IPOB leadership mentioned the names of criminals you guys recruited simply because you all are using IPOB and ESN to cause problem and commit cri-mes and IPOB leadership will never allow that. If you are angry about this, please tell them to announce their name and distance themselves from IPOB. IPOB is a noble family and won't be stained by two criminals who just left PDP just two years ago. Get this into your brain.
Meanwhile, I think most of you shouting freedom don't really understand what freedom is. Freedom is not just leaving Nigeria. Freedom is rejecting everything that have kept Nigeria down. Freedom means that you won't import imitation into Biafra land and go free. Freedom means you won't be producing poison in the name of fake alcohol drinks in our markets and be selling. Freedom will cut you off from corruption or you go to jail for it irrespective of your status. Listen, you are not going to gain anything materially when freedom comes. The only thing you will gain is the feeling of freedom. We are not agitating for freedom to become tomorrow's oppressors. If this has been your plan, just quit now. You are not going to be appointed as a commissioner simply because you were an IPOB member. You will be appointed because you merited it. I keep saying it that you should acquire the spirit of the struggle.
IPOB is a movement. Yes we all are Biafrans, but as far as IPOB as a movement is concerned, you must be disciplined in IPOB. You must be obedient to command and control of IPOB. No one is begging you to be obedient. It is a must and if you can't be obedient, kindly get out of the way.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022

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