Do you know why the attack from these infiltrators is coming now?

They totally underestimated me. They looked at me and said, oh he is a mere poor teacher. The day they did their programme, the one recruited by the Nigería politicians to destroy the only source of freedom of his own people proudly called me a poor teacher. The people he fooled at that initial time came to my wall dancing it and repeating it.

They felt like, what can an ordinary school teacher do. They have been given millions in dollars and moblized. They never believed what they are seeing today. Without funding I have managed to drag out hundreds of people from them.

With my pen I started demolishing their dirty lies. I used a superior argument to do that. There is no argument they made I didn't defeat. Right before their eyes, those they lied to and fooled started receiving cure after reading my write ups. Hundreds of people have commented on my platforms stating how I served them from believing the lies of autopilot. From time to time people are liberated from them, but none is leaving IPOB to them.

They thought they can shame me with material things. They think when they say he is poor I will shamefully run away from social media. What have people used against me if not that he is a poor Teacher. They don't know that they are not shaming me, but teachers in general. The plight of Teachers in Nigería is the reason people like me are saying that Nigería has nothing doing as a country. I am tired of a country that can give millions to a man with ordinary WAEC certificate and give peanuts to Teachers. Unlike you people, I refused to join the table of the politicians against my people.

They have watched and realised that indeed my pen is mightier than the sword, and they have come with their blackmail and lies. Suddenly, the Elochukwu Ohagi who have used pen to defend the truth and expose lies now is being accused by these crimînals of wanting to kîll the Finland infiltrator. Isn't this funny.

What I use is pen. I do it in style and with love for the truth. I have no time for guns and bullets. I have something greater than those and that is my pen. People know already that pen is my only weapon. You can't have a mightier weapon and go for lesser.

Those doing their blackmail will get tired. But when stories of the heroes of our people will be told, my name will be there. I have earned it. Nothing will happen. I have written my name in the sand of time. The name Elochukwu Ohagi will transcend. Elochukwu Ohagi saw the easiest way to be rich in a deeply corrupt Nigería and chose the side of the oppressed. He has the talent and can be a good sophist, but he refused those things. He didn't just kept quiet, he stood against the oppressors. He picked up his pen in defence of the poor and the downtrodden. He has risked his life and freedom, when he can easily say yes to crimînal politicians and start eating big.

I have seen the future. That's why I kept telling all of you that followed the Finland crimînal to retrace your steps, but it seemed most of you supporting him were recruited with him.

I tell you this, the court won't sit pass two times and MNK will be released. He will thank us for protecting his structure and struggle. But he will have nothing but curses and shame for you people.

It won't be long.

Keep the blackmail coming. If they didn't blackmail Jesus Christ, lie against him and even crucified him, people won't call him saviour. If Socrates did not suffer false accusations and death in the hands of dub-ious Athenean politicians, we won't be studying him today in Philosophy. So your lies will be the stones upon which I will climb to greatness.

Watch as it happens.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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