Do you still remember

Do you still remember when I said that this guy simply want to lure IPOB into rash actions that will provide evidence for his pay masters?
He wanted to fool the people with the introduction of Autopilot. Some foolishly said it is a welcome development, without knowing that he simply wanted to play them into behaving anyhow and acting anyhow.
He then proclaimed that he is ready to be called a terro-rist. That DOS is afraid to be called a terro-rist and should step aside for him to take over. Again, when he said this, some ignorant people kept praising him. They said that should be the mindset of a freedom fighter. Some started saying that MNk has been called a terro-rist and nothing happened. Clowns. Is IPOB not in court challenging their proscription and terrorist tag in Nigeria? So you want IPOB to start acting anyhow? You have forgotten that your leader is in the hands of the enemy facing terro-rism charges. How can your leader face such charge and you are saying if IPOB leadership is afraid of answering terro-rists they should step aside? Again, I ask... What do you think will happen to MNK should the IPOB he is leading start acting anyhow and make the terro-rism tag to stick? What do you think will happen to the struggle when countries like USA, Germany, Canada and France designate IPOB as terr-orist group? Don't you know that many people in diaspora will stop associating with IPOB? Don't you know that every IPOB family in diaspora will be shut down? Don't you know that moving money for the group will be monitored and stopped? Don't you know that you can't add IPOB again to your social media or it will be closed down, because social networks don't harbor terro-rists? Are you guys even thinking at all? What happened to your reasoning?

Now the same person that boasted he is ready to answer terro-rist is now writing and begging that he is not a terro-rist. What happened? Should DOS no more step aside for him to take over? He now understands the implications of being called or tagged a terro-rist. He now knows that he will seize to be a free man should the terr-orism tag on him stick. And he is vehemently fighting to stop it from sticking, but somehow you that praised him then is no more seeing the hypocrisy of the young man.

The hypocrisy of some people claiming freedom fighters is mind blowing. I thank God that this time came and separated crimịnals, hypocrites and deeply ignorant unthinking people from the noble IPOB family. Those that were fooled and got back should thank their God. But for the dubi-ous and deeply ignorant fellows still defending him, they will all end up in shame.

MNK will discard all of you for trying to destroy what he even put his own life and the life of his parents on the line to build.
We have fought a good fight. We have been insulted and ridiculed by ignorant fellows, but shame will be theirs.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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