Don't Let Them Steal Away Your Freedom

Whatever you do, you must not handover your struggle to the present Igbo leaders. No matter how they show interest and ready to work with you, they must be on the sidelines. Should any of them decides to reach out and support the struggle, it must be seen as an atonement offer for his numerous sins. For the present leaders have committed evil on the land. They have shed the blood of the innocent and stolen the people dry.

Never you listen to anyone telling you nonsense about the need to consult your leaders before you can get freedom. They should not be consulted. They are part of the people and should have known the important of freedom for their own people. In fact it is better your freedom is delayed than handing over to these dub-ious men masquerading as leaders. But fortunately, your freedom is already within reach, so you don't need to be frightened.

These leaders have what it takes to lift Igbo land up irrespective of the suppression from the federal government, yet they failed woefully. Tell me what it takes for them to work together towards the industrialization of Igbo land. What does it take for them to see Igbo land as one entity and work towards the of development our land? Nothing. The only time these leaders came together was the time they plotted the murder of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the proscription of IPOB.

Don't forget that the men in the leadership structures of Igbo land are dub-ious men and women, including Ohaneze. They are men of questionable characters. The few good ones have been corrupted. They have incorporated more dub-ious men and women from every group and organizations. Student union, church groups, market unions, town unions etc are almost led by dub-ious individuals ready to betray their own people. There are thousands of Igbo rich men who want one Nigeria to continue because it is good for business. Nigeria has given them opportunity to keep destroying their own people to make money. You must not let them steal away your struggle.

Men died for these struggle and we owe them a better society for those they left behind. They didn't die for dub-ious men to take over the driving seat of the new Biafra. They did not die for their murderers to be in charge. They died so that we can gain them and their generation freedom. Their blood is the strength of this struggle. And we must honor them by doing the right thing. Hand over to dub-ious men and you have lost it. The leaders you see today can't function without corruption. The business they do can't function without corruption. Give them the power and you can't take it back without years and years of pain that will lead to another revolution and lost of lives. Don't forget that they are already a collection of dub-ious people. Don't forget that the Igbo in Nigeria government of today contributed to the terrible state of Nigeria.

A time will come when those that have been indifferent about Biafra will all clamoring for support for Biafra. A freedom fighter must acquire the right spirit. The spirit of patients, understanding and perseverance are very important in the life of a freedom fighter. If you don't have them, you will definitely fall out.
For us to have a wonderful Biafra nation, God has prepared this moment to separate chaff from the original. Okike has sieved out dub-ious men and women from the struggle by letting them introduce infiltrators in our midst. We must be determined, for only the dethronement of today's leaders can produce the Biafra of our dreams.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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