IPOB media warriors should be vigilant and systematic during this period. Don't fight for the sake of fighting. Check whatever you are writing and make sure it is serving its purpose. Don't forget that you are fighting a delicate war. Ahydra-headed battle. Let me explain. Now it seems you are fighting infiltrators, but in truth, you are fighting the zoo government that recruited them. These infiltrators made it look like they are for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra. They actually fooled some people to think alongside that angle. So to the weak-minded, he sees a group of Biafrans that are angry at how things are done. But in truth, they are recruited criminals who have no regard for Biafra. In fact, they were recruited with the sole aim to stop Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and if possible kïll him. They are men and women that were gathered some two years ago to infiltrate IPOB and destroy it from the inside.

I remember telling you last year that you must see every infiltrator as your number one enemy. Have they started burning down our ancient markets and gunning down pregnant women when I said this? when I said it, did some of you believe it? The answer is no. If care is not taken, these guys will go to a church and shoot our people in the name of enforcing already rejected sit-at-home.

I said we must be vigilant and systematic and calculative. The media will be trying to report the activities of these criminals as IPOB faction. You must ferociously fight against this. This is the image zoo wanted to use zoo media to establish. They are good at it. They will start by writing as if they are against the chief infiltrator but will use one line to describe him as IPOB faction. You must understand that you are also guilty of whatever infiltrators are doing today should they establish that infiltrators are faction of IPOB. In fact, it is time to start suing Nigeria's conventional media in court over such publications. And millions of dollars in damages should be claimed. With this, you must have made a loud statement.

In this battle, I have noticed that some will blame the infiltrators for what is going on, forgetting the government. You must find a way to bring both the government and its recruited criminals under one umbrella. I am not saying you should leave the infiltrators off the hook, but you must understand that they are just recruits. Their boss and handlers are politicians. A time will come when all the otelectuals working for the politicians will start a campaign against IPOB, blaming all the atrocities committed by these government-sponsored agents on IPOB. The only reason it has not started is because they are in the heat of the campaign. Most of them have fake accounts they use for such duties.

So, IPOB media warriors should know that they are alone in this fight. They must know that both politicians and infiltrators are working together. Make sure you are pushing it. Describe what is happening in Biafra land as a government-sponsored terror attack. Tell the world that the government is trying to destabilize Biafra land. Make the politicians understand that you know they created the infiltrators. See what infiltrators are doing as being perpetrated by politicians. You must think ahead in other to win these people.

Use the dirty history of Nigeria to cripple the arguments of otelectuals that will suggest that we should remain in Nigeria than Biafra. Don't let them fool you. These criminals can't recruit one Nigerian criminal to commit a crime and use it to force our people to detest Biafra. This is their game. You must not let it happen.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, Activist, 2022.

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