The most amazing thing is that some of us still seem not to have understood how hypocritical these folks are. They always look for ways to get things done to please them. I am still wondering "who made the USA the policeman of the world"??. It is really funny TBH.
The USA said they attacked IRAQ and executed SADDAM HUSSEIN because "they thought he had weapons of mass destruction". They latter confirmed that their intelligence was wrong. But they had already killed an innocent leader of a country on false pretenses.
Today, it is not just intelligence but common knowledge to everyone that Russia has nuclear weapons and they have even displayed them, warned other nations that if any nation dare stand on their way, the consequences will be devastating. They have even ordered their nuclear team to be at alert. Surprisingly, the same USA who crumbled Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein on grounds that he had nuclear weapons haven't been able to attack Russia who have openly displayed theirs. This is what is called double standards and hypocrisy.
It may seem as though, if America tells you this is A, you may need to look, look again to confirm whether truly that is A.
It is a shame to such hypocrisy
By -Chris Bongam

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