Ebubeagu personnels are Asari Dokubo boys

According to audio call FWP monitored between a brother who reside in northern America and the leader of Ebubeagu, Izuchukwu Akuegbulanwa. While interviewing Izuchukwu Akuegbulanwa the leader of Ebubeagu, this brother calmly asked him the identity of Ebubeagu personnel. Izuchukwu the leader of Ebubeagu while responding to this brother said, that most of Ebubeagu personnel are from Kalabari and Port Harcourt side, and some few other Hausa people who are working with Nigeria police.

This exposition has again linked the killing of Igbo youths to Asari Dokubo. If you can remember, Hope Uzodinma was quick to exonerate Ebubeagu because Asari Dokubo needs to be protected in this state crime against the Igbo Youths. With this revelation by the Ebubeagu leader, it now is clear that 90% of Ebubeagu personnels were imported from outside Igbo land to come and kill Igbo youths. Now this has cleared our doubt on the identities of Ebubeagu personels .

From our private investigation, most of the crime committed in Igbo land, were done by this Asari boys in the name of Ebubeagu working for Hope Uzodinma and Dave Umahi with the sole aim of committing crime and accusing IPOB.

Our private investigation revealed that this Asari Boys in the name of Ebubeagu killed Hon. Okechukwu Okoye the Anambra lawmaker, further investigation revealed that Imo state Govenror Hope Uzodinma is aware of the murder and beheading of Anambra lawmaker by Ebubeagu.

Intelligently if you can recall the way this Ebebeagu members were killing Igbo youths, burning Igbo properties you will agree with me that these people were imported as have stated above. Questions have been raised and asked on the way Ebubeagu kill and destroy Igbo noting that their system of killing is strange.

On this note every Igbo youth should prepare, we all must rise against Ebubegau. We must all come tother and demand the abolishment of Ebubagu in the whole of Igbo land. As I said before, this has nothing to do with Biafra . This has to do with the continued existence of Igbo Youths. We must come out openly to fight for our existence.
Ebubeagu Must go.

Culled from Emeka Gift

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