13th May, 2024.

The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by the indomitable and charismatic leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu, has been drawn to the purported passage of a bill on allowing cattle ranch by the Enugu State House of Assembly irrespective of repeated warnings from IPOB and other Igbo patriots to the said bill. If it is true that the Enugu State House of Assembly passed such a demonic bill. It is now necessary that the Governor of Enugu, and the House of Assembly members are here by being notified that they should be held responsible for any terrorist attack in Enugu State.

The Enugu State Governor is under pressure to fulfil the agreement he reached with Fulani terrorist groups such as Miyetti Allah and FUNAM by subjecting Ndigbo to terrorists invasions. The purported passage of Cattle ranch bill is an invitation to marauding Fulanis in Africa to invade Enugu State and Alaigbo in general.

Unfortunately, the money mongers and gullible dishonorable members in Enugu State House of Assembly are more interested in money and cars than the security and safety of Ndigbo. Governor Peter Mba and Fulani dishonorable puppets in the House of Assembly should be held responsible if Enugu State is turned into crisis and terrorist attacks ground fom Fulani terrorists who will invade Enugu State in the name of Cattle ranching.

It is unfortunate that Fulani puppet Governor and dishonorable Mugus and uninformed members in the Enugu State House of Assembly could not pass bills to attract investment into Enugu but Fulani cattle ranch Bill, shame on you all. Peter Mba has demonstrated that he is not interested in the security of lives and properties of Enugu people and Ndigbo in general. Having witnessed the mass murder of Enugu people by Fulani terrorists and jihadists, the Governor went ahead in establishing the Cattle ranch bill to attract Fulanis and show that Peter Mba's Government is being controlled by the Fulani Cabals. He should be known and seen as a stooge and agent of fulanization. Dr. Peter Mba Government should be seen as a big security risk in the South East. Very sad indeed.

Those who want ESN to come and defend them should find one way or the other invites ESN operatives in their communities and help ESN and IPOB volunteers to come and do the needful. Fulani terrorists nicknamed herdsmen can never dwell in our land unless IPOB-ESN does not exist.

IPOB calls on Enugu people to stand up and organise protest against this satanic cattle ranch bill which is RUGA in disguise. Moreso, Ndigbo should stand up against RUGA settlement that the Fulani puppets in Enugu State Government have started to avoid mass burial in Alaigbo. IPOB advises Peter Mba, the alleluia boys in Enugu State House of Assembly, and their sponsors Fulani herdsmen to stay clear of Biafran territory. IPOB stands on NO RUGA or Fulani settlement in Biafra Land. We will never allow any Fulani settlement whether in the name of Ranching, Ruga or anything else to be allow to stand in the East.

Biafra land belongs to the Indigenous People of Biafra not to any Governor or dishonorable puppet in Enugu State House of Assembly. The people own the ancestral lands not the Governor or other politician. We shall not allow a Fulani stooge to set Biafra Land on fire for any political interest. If the Fulani puppets in Enugu State House of Assembly have passed the demonic Fulani ranch bill already, it will not work as long as IPOB-ESN are concerned.

Fulani terrorists masquerading as Herdsmen can never have ranch in our land. Whether Peter Mba likes it or not, only fracas Peter Mba want in Enugu State. ESN will continue to carry out their duties as State actors in Biafra Land to push out terrorists from our bushes and forests. IPOB challenges the Fulani terrorists masquerading as Herdsmen to build any settlement in the name of ranching anywhere in Biafra Land and that will be at their own peril.


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