(1)In Ewohimi clan, the people of Idumuabogho in Okaigben-Ewohimi migrated from Mbiri (an Anioma clan).
(2) Also in Ewohimi clan, the people of Idumuagbor in Owu-Ewohimi migrated from Agbor.
(3)Amahor an independent Esan clan was founded by one Ewero who migrated from Ute-Okpu. Along with his followers, he brought the clan deity of Amahor people from Ute-Okpu called Oza. The royal family of Amahor is thus of Anioma origin. And since Ute-Okpu itself if of Nri origin, these Esan people have a distinct link with Nri.
(4) Also in Amahor clan in Esan land, the people of Ogo village largely came from Onicha-Olona while the people of Ugbekhae village originated from Igbanke.
(5) Ebelle clan was founded by adventurers from Ukwuani ( known in Edo as “Evbo-Oru”). They were led by one Agbabhoko who according to Okojie, the Esan historian was a son of the ruler of Utagba-Uno (possibly Etua).
(6)Okuta village in Ebelle was founded by hunters from Onicha Olona.
(7) A part of Emuhi-Ekpoma came from Owa.
(8)The people of Obodogun in Emu-Nekhua came directly from Okpanam and the name seems to have been derived from one of the villages in Okpanam.
(9) In Ewatto clan, the village of Ogbe or Idumu-Iyasele migrated from Obomkpa.
(10) In the sister clan of Ebhosa, th village of Idumunegbon migrated from as well from "Eka" though in documents it is written as “Agbor”.
(11) In Igueben clan, the villages of Idumuagbor came from Agbor while Igbeka came from Mbiri.
(12) Idumuogo also in Igueben migrated from Ugbodu by one Olobunmi.
(13) In Uromi clan Idumuekhure (in Egbele sub clan); Idumu-Oshodi in Efandio sub clan and Eror sub clan all migrated from Agbor while Ukoni sub clan migrated from Igbanke.
(14) In Ugun clan, the people of Agobolo or Ukekiolo migrated from Mbiri clan.
(15)In Ujiogba clan, the people of Ukpato came directly from Ogwashi-Uku.
(16)Idumuoka people in Igueben migrated directly from Awka in Anambra State.
These are the major settlements. A lot of intermarriages existed and still occur in growing numbers between the Anioma and Esan people and from both sides. A great native of Asaba in the nineteenth century Obi Igweli had an Ishan father. His father was a hunter who settled in Asaba . Obi Igweli was a successful trader and had many wives and children and was instrumental in the rise and growth of European influence in Ahaba.

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