We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to reiterate once again to the general public especially the people of Enugu Ezike that those in their community and other parts terrorising them are not IPOB volunteers or ESN operatives.

The Eastern Security Network (ESN) stopped recruiting personnel since two years ago. Therefore, anybody deceiving and parading himself or herself as joined ESN recently is working with infiltrators and will die in the hands of Nigeria Government and its security Agencies. ESN operatives under IPOB-DOS knew from the time immemorial that Nigeria Government and its security Agencies are our enemies and we have mastered strategies of handling these enemies.

ESN don't have any operational camp at Enuguezike Igbo-Eze Enugu North.
Those terrorizing men and women of God including traditional rulers are not ESN Operatives or IPOB volunteers. IPOB and ESN do not call our people to bring money to them. Anybody who wish to support ESN Operatives do that willingly and voluntarily without any form of force or threat. The youths of the affected communities must come out and identify these criminals because IPOB is coming out to deal with them.
Those claiming to be Autopilots without Aeroplanes are not IPOB family members and we cannot allow them to destroy IPOB's image. Autopiloters are free to do anything in their names but not impersonating IPOB . We are not against anyone or group fighting for Biafra so long as you're not impersonating IPOB, ESN, M-Branch and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and with the sole objdctive of destroying the hard earned good image and reputation of IPOB and ESN.

We discovered that those responsible for the recent insecurities going on in Enuguezike and other communities are hoodlums that were recruited by Autopiloters who were driven out of Anambra and Imo States. These hoodlums found their way to Enuguezike through their henchmen called Chocho. These guys relocated to Enugu to continue their criminalities in these villages. Though they decitfully recruited some of the bad guys of those communities who thought they were joining ESN. But what they don't know is that IPOB is not organisation for criminals and we never recruited criminals into ESN.
But these criminals have ended up using same youths for criminalities instead of fighting insecurities and Fulani bandits masquarading as herdsmen and terrorizing that Aguibeje bush and forests which has a border with Akpanya Community in Kogi state which IPOB-ESN is protecting.

They have recruited lots of criminals terrorizing their own people, Innocent citizens and residents of the area by snatching of cars, bikes, kidnapping for ransom and calling some notable clergymen on phone such as Pastors and Rev Fathers threatening them to pay some amount of cash to them raging from #50M to 100M or risk their church auditorium burnt to ashes. Some of these clergymen out of fear are complying and paying money to these crimininals.

Simon Ekpa in one of his recent broadcast confirmed that the boys in that fake ESN camp are working for him. He claimed that ESN has camp in Enuguezike but we are sure he's referring to the fake ESN camp under him. The activities of these criminals has drawn the attention of Nigeria military in that peacful community, which is now worsening the security situation in that village. Nigeria terrorist military from 82 division Enugu with hatred against Igbo citizens, instead of facing the criminals and hoodlums terrorizing the communites has turned to abduct and kill innocent villagers at random tagging them unknown gunmen and ESN.

Anybody giving these criminals money is empowering them unknowingly. Don't succumb to the intimidation and threat from these criminals, instead report such threat to IPOB leadership for assistance. You can send reports or any inquiry through signal to these lines:



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