Everything is getting clear!

On 24th May being Tuesday, we were heading to Enugu from Owerri though at later hours of about 8pm vehicles were parked at that trailer park in Lokpanta, Abia State.

Our vehicle approached the queue only to be told that armed robbers were robbing one kilometer away from that spot and all the vehicles coming towards that direction had to stop at the trailer park.

The fact that the trailer park is dominated by northerners who are no doubt Fulani is not the problem, the problem is, there's an army base situated in that trailer garage. This army base is made up of a battalion of soldiers.

But, for that one hour that those armed men were robbing commuters, the soldiers kept mute and didn't intervene. This is something one should bother about.

People will say, 'what if the soldiers are killed'? But that is what he signed for. He's being paid as well, so if he can't secure lives and properties what is he doing on that uniform?

However, the truth remains that, all the criminal activities happening in Nigeria has the backing of the Nigerian military. The earlier we believe this hard truth the better it will be for us all.

©Concerned Anonymous Writer.

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