Exposing the criminal 419 mind game.

Our intelligence experts have decoded the mind game of Simon Ekpa. Our intelligent experts are millions of miles ahead of the criminals. When we saw the story of his arrest by the interpol, we tracked the originator of the story and we found out it was coming from the Link attached to the criminal. We knew he was heading to somewhere. Finally he made a video in his car confirming our suspicion. The fake arrest information was originated from him to make people see him as an important person. IPOB is an organize group with a single agenda, fighting for the freedom of God's people from the hands of blood sucking tribe Fulani. We don't have interest in looking sideways who is doing what or not. We don't have time for people of low mentality.

The criminal brought our leader's family into his criminality by saying that our leader is been starved. How possible is that, did he know how many days our leader stayed without food because he was in spirit when he was newly kidnapped. He stayed that long without food yet he did not die. He said our leader's family will be giving the federal government 1million Naira for our leader's feeding every Month, this is laughable because they don't know that our leader don't eat alone. 2million cannot feed our leader in a Month. Our leader does not need help from people who are using his name to swindle people. IPOB is capable to take care of our leader. The mind game is targeted at making people contribute Money for the criminal every Month. Please did anybody ask him how he will send the money to our leader. Will he give it to our Barrister? Has he forgotten that it's only our Barrister that signs people that goes to see our leader.

Today the criminal sent a phone number claiming to be Finland government, funny enough he forgot IPOB intelligence is second to none in the world.

We advise everyone to remember the words of our leader. Any information you did not hear from radio Biafra is fake. If Simon Ekpa was arrested, you will hear it from Radio Biafra. IPOB does not have any business with Simon Ekpa, it's only our lawyer that has issues with him and we trust our lawyer that he will follow due process to bring the criminal to book.

Our intelligence review.
The criminal is recruiting young Men pretending that he will use them to defend our land but the reality is that he is recruiting them to fight our Men. We are ready for them to finish. Just like their likes were destroyed by Chukwu Okike abiama, these ones will end up the same. He is working with federal government to fight against our people but we will stop them as usual.

Finally, we wish to encourage our million followers to keep praying for our leader's freedom. Biafra will come very soon.

All Hail Biafra!

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