Exposing The Pipeline Guard Of Niga Area

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

One thing that is dangerous with what Asari Dokubo is doing in Imo state is not just that he is sending cultists to Imo State to be recruited as Ebubeagu. The major tragedy is that we look like we are being too technical in handling it so that it won't cause a problem between Igbo and Ijaw.

While we are trying not to make it look like a problem between Igbo and Ijaw, these cultists are there kîlling Igbo youths and burning down villages and rendering people homeless. It reached a time that Igbo Governors started working with Asari Dokubo to send them cultists to kîll their own youths.

Just few weeks ago, these same Ebubeagu kîlled 14 Igbo Youths that attended wedding ceremony. Some days after, they invaded Ugwuta, kîlling, abducting and burning down houses and shops. While at it they were singing and shouting in a language that shows they are Asari boys. Oh don't tell me the zoo is trying to play us, for it is Asari that is working for the zoo. A man that left fighting for his people to take billion dollar contract as oil pipeline guard can do anything. When a man that owns the oil can accept to guide pipelines from those without oil, he can do anything. A man that made money out of the pains of his people, building schools in another man's country can go all time low.

This man's activities has been kîlling our people and we are handling it like we don't want the Ijaw people to get angry. But why should an Ijaw man get angry because you moved to stop an Ijaw man who is sending cultists to Igbo territory to kîll Igbo youths. What will they say if Igbo youths are sent to their own governors to kîll Ijaw youths. Every Ijaw man with conscience should rise up and condemn what Asari Dokubo is doing. But should they get angry that Igbo people choose to call him out and save our people from his blood thirsty crimînals, so be it.

As much as we all are Biafrans, it is still not a must that we will remain one. But like I always say, no atom of Igbo land will be left behind should we decide to part ways.

We all should tackle this man as a people. He works for the oppressors.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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