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1. Greetings Biafrans all over the world, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom.
2. My absence for a long time is strategic and part of the leadership plan.
3. I appreciate Biafrans for their steadfastness and doggedness.
4. For the two years and six months that the enemy kidnapped the IPOB leader and tortured him almost to death and then extraordinarily renditioned him to Nigeria, the enemy had thought that the destruction of IPOB would be a walk-over but you all [IPOB worldwide] proved them wrong.
5. I want to call on all of you to continue supporting ESN as their work in our land is unquantifiable.
6. This year is the third anniversary of the formation of the Eastern Security Network [ESN], a network that has done exceptionally well in defending the land of Bịafra. And, I encourage you all to continue your support for this angels as they continue to protect our farmlands and bushes for agricultural purposes. The testimonies are countless and overwhelming.
7. The peace that our people, especially farmers, enjoy in our land and the praise they shower on ESN has justified why Onyendu setup ESN three years ago.
8. The plan of the enemy was to seize our farm land especially, and thereafter make us depend on them for food. This would have been a national security risk but thanks to Chukwu Okike Abiama for gifting us Onyendu who thought outside the box.
9. If not for ESN the entire land of Bịafra regardless of region, would have been overrun.
10. There shall be no, neither should there be fatigue in supporting this great defenders of our land, ESN. All hands must be on deck.
11. Nobody should be tired of supporting ESN because the primary aim of ridding our land of Fulani herdsmen and restoration of sovereign state of Biafra has not been accomplished.
12. To our International partners, who are being told by the Nigeria government that ESN are àttàck!ng their various security formations in Biafraland, kindly be informed that this is a total fallacy. ESN is simply a formation to combat the Fulani terr0r herdsmen. That is their primary and sole assignment.
13. To our International partners, for 8 years the IPOB Leader have been brutally manhandled by successive Nigerian governments. All he ever did was to demand for his right to self-determination for his people. May I ask, are the Indeginous People Of Biafra not entitled to the right for self-determination like other nations?
14. As the international community has left us with no choice, the upcoming year 2024, will be a different ball game.
15. The British Mi-6 was complicit in the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
16. Sometimes I ask why the British for 2-years and 6-months have remained mute in the ordeal of their citizen Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Then I recall that these are people who are willing to throw their own prince under the bus for marrying a non Caucasian. How much more Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is challenging their imperialism in Biafraland?
17. The reason a country as powerful as Britain is pretending to, not be able to rescue their citizen from Nigeria is because they are involved in his k!dnap in the first place and all this is because he seeks self-determination; a universal right instituted by the United Nations.
18. The Biafra People are equal to every other race in rights as an Indigenous people on earth. The United Nations, African Union charters guarantees this right. We have for over 13 years presented our case to the world, why has the world not obliged us?
19. The world have told us to go to hell. May I ask you my fellow Biafrans, are you willing to go to hell?
20. The ethnic profiling going on in Lagos as championed by Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu is mind blowing. Even the wife of Tinubu threatening that they will take over Igbo properties. The logic that the properties are not certified or are on water ways is all in pretence. It is a pure political and tribal punishment.
21. While they are destroying us at home, they are also witch-hunting us in Lagos under Sanwo-Olu. They are destroying markets, residential buildings built by Biafrans with their hard-earned wealth.
22. It was Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that halted the antagonism we had towards the Yorubas for their past sins. We are asking the Yorubas to call their sons to order otherwise, they will be creating an enemity that will exist for hundreds of years between the two nations.
23. Yoruba must not take us back to 1967. Tinubu and his wife if not cautioned, will certainly create a firestorm that will affect every Yoruba person. These properties were paid for, and the fee collected by Lagos State government and land agents.
24. Destruction of Igbo properties in Lagos must stop, enough is enough.
25. The Ohaneze Ndigbo and the World Igbo Congress are the most two us£less Igbo groups. How can these two groups exist and the carnage going on in Lagos is happening? None of them could do anything for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been in detention for 2-years and 6months.
26. Hope Uzodimma is the one who handpicked Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu as the Ohaneze President General. This is why none of them had interest in the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or the destruction of Igbo properties in Lagos.
27. I am not sermonizing tonight, but simply telling the world that enough is enough.
28. Ohanaeze was founded in 1930 to welcome a worthy son, Akanu Ibiam.
29. Ohanaeze was initially named Igbo Union and people like Nnamdi Azikiwe was one of the early presidents. The unity of purpose of the Igbo Union, Igbo People Assembly, Igbo Forum all threatened the colonial and Nigeria governments so they went ahead to ban it. After the ban, the Nigeria government created a controlled opposition that cares less about them. Therefore, the Ohanaeze as we know it now is a sissy organization.
30. Onyendu asks us to give these people a benefit of doubt. We obliged but as always for the past 30-months, they did nothing.
31. Let me reiterate, 2024 will be a different ball game!
32. Since we have given these elders without shàmé two years and they engaged in deception, we are promising them that 2024 will be different.
33. If the elders cannot do something, we the youths [IPOB] have decided to take the bull by the horn and that we shall do.
34. I don’t know what Chukwu Okike Abiama has for them but my prayer is for Obasanjo and Gowon to live two more years to see what IPOB will do to their Nigeria.
35. All the security personnel have mounted check points in close proximity and as Intersociety reported, they are extorting Biafrans from Lagos until they enter their fathers compound.
36. We are calling on the Inspector General of Police and the Army Cheif of Staff to dismantle those extortive roadblocks in Biafraland with immediate effect. If they do not, IPOB will not be held responsible for what happens henceforth because we have tolerated them enough.
37. Ohanaeze Ndigbo, since you have proved yourself unworthy of the people, even the empty World Igbo Congress, therefore the Biafran people will look another way. IPOB knows how to deal with Nigeria. Hence, the World Igbo Congress will be resuscitated and peopled by men of integrity.
38. The Ndigbo National assembly will be resuscitated to replace redundant Ohaneze Ndigbo. Those who pioneer this assembly will be men who have the interest of the people at heart.
39. Biafrans all over the world especially those in the Nigerian diaspora must go back home this Christmas. We are about to do something that has never been done before.
40. Our people must go home, and assemble in their umunna meetings and establish a line of communication amongst themselves. The Igbo National assembly will be grown from the grassroots this time.
41. The University of Nigeria Nsukka has a role to play in our march for freedom. After the 1967-1970 Nigeria/Biafra war, Nigeria government claimed that UNN was used to manufacture weapons used to fight Nigeria, but instead of using this R&D unit, Nigeria government closed down the chemical engineering department. That is what Britain taught them, to always look for how to bring down Igbo Biafrans. Therefore, the chemical engineering and R&D must be resurrected.
42. To our foriegn partners listening, do you know that there are over four seaports in Biafraland that are currently shutdown and all containers redirected to the Lagos seaports, this is same Lagos they are witch-hunting us to leave. After frustrating us, their security men will be extorting the hell out of us on our way back home to the east. Which race on earth can tolerated this iniquity?
43. The IPOB movement will no longer allow the destruction of the Biafra race by the enemies. We will no longer tolerate the hybrid war against us.
44. The reason our people are running to Lagos is because we don’t have any functional seaport in our land. The four seaports in South East are not open for business. The only option available to Igbo Biafrans is the same Lagos where they are destroying our properties and economically sabotaging us. Can anyone honestly ask us to continue to accept this? This is no longer acceptable and, 2024 is a year that we will begin to show our total rejection of such ill-treatment.
45. Now they are building another seaport in Lekki. If the Lagos State government is building it, I am fine with it. However, Biafrans will build our seaport and we will not ask for permission. We know where we have tributaries and the plan will start in earnest, next year. The UNN will surely provide us a prototype of a modern seaport. This is UNN R&D first assignment and every community must be part of it.
46. We will also build our own international airport. Even though they claimed that Enugu airport is international, we all know that to be a big lie. They route every Enugu bound flight through Lagos, Abuja and Kano thereby making the journey very exorbitant. It is all part of the economic strangulation on Biafrans but 2024 is the game changer.
47. Is anything better than freedom? Give it to me and take everything else
48. We have seen merit of freedom in the western world. That is why we are determined to fight for our freedom.
49. I call on all Biafrans wherever they may be especially those on the sidewalk, we have work to do.
50. We are giving the zoo (Nigeria) from now till 15th of December 2023 to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. After that day, whatever happens is their business. We are not begging them.
51. From December 10, 2023, every Biafran must go to the market and buy four lobes kola nuts. The eldest in each family must be in Biafra land. In the absence of the eldest, the next must pray to Chukwu Okike Abiama with the kola nut. The first libation on December 10-13 will be to invoke the spirit of our ancestors to lead this freedom quest then on the 14th, the release of Nnamdi Kanu will also be added.
Note: The kola nuts in each day must not be eaten. This process will continue till December 15, and the central prayer will be the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
52. December 15 is the day our patience will run out for the Zoo over the continued illegal detention of our leader Nnamdi Kanu. After that, they must take what they see.
53. If anyone asks you; “why are you calling on your ancestors?” Remind them of the people who left their comfort, including Chinua Achebe, Akanu Ibiam, Michael Okpara, Chris Okigbo, to mention but a few. If these great Biafrans did not look back or bent their knees, neither should you.
54. To those engaged in cr!m!nality, IPOB will no longer condone cr!minality in Biafraland. Those involved must advice themselves accordingly beforehand lest they fall victim of the spirit that is coming to cleanse the Holy Land of Biafra to its original state and glory. We advise you go back to the land and engage in agriculture. It is the most lucrative job.
55. If Nigeria government refuse to heed wise counsel, if they choose not to do the needful, it is not going to be under our control as our ancestors are simply the ones in charge. Therefore, the Nigeria government has until December 15, 2023 to release Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
56. As for the one that calls himself Emeka Offor from Oraifite, let anything untoward happen to Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor or any of the youths you illegally arrested from his house, then you will see the madness in IPOB.
57. People who are using ESN and IPOB to commit cr!me or get innocent people illegally arrested, we are watching and monitoring you all. It is terrible what someone who calls himself Igbo is doing to a fellow Igbo Biafran.
58. The evil in Biafraland is mind-blowing. How could a Biafran falsely accuse a fellow Biafran of being ESN or IPOB just because they have a skirmish with him. He would go as far as reporting to the police or millitary who would come and abdûct these people and disappear them. Where is your humanity? Is IPOB not a legal organization?
This evil must come to an end.
59. Don't sabotage the Biafra struggle otherwise you will have yourself to blame.
60. To the government of Abia State, recently, the harrowing discovery of 70 innocent Biafran mürd£red and buri£d in mass graves towards Lokpanta axis, ordinarily, in a sane society that place becomes a cr!me scene. Lokpanta region must be sealed and cordoned off. Those responsible must be exposed and held accountable.
61. The IPOB movement has no problem with Abia State government but we earnestly urge H.E. Alex Otti to seal-off Lokpanta. That place is a cr!me scene. The people after mourning the d£ad will determine what will become of Lokpanta. IPOB has always mapped out that place as a region to build an ultramodern market.
62. The former governor of Anambra State was comparing the life of our people to 500 thousand naira.
63. While IPOB is happy with what Alex Otti is doing in Abia State, he must understand that Lokpanta is a cr!me scene that must be sealed off and proper investigation conducted. After which Biafrans will decide what to do with Lokpanta, but a good start is to build one of the most enviable international market in it. So, Mr. Governor must not spit on the corpses of our people. The us£less cattle sellers must not be listened to, and this pacification of northerners must be jettisoned forthwith. Cattle rearing is a personal business, and our people that engage in their personal business do so without government sponsorship.
64. To Our people, support ESN. It is our last line of defense. It is there to protect the land of Bịafra.
65. IPOB has come to repair the broken plate. Sorry, for those who will stand on our way.
66. Don't forget the directive about the kolanuts and the prayers. May Chukwu Okike Abiama guide and protect you all as we embark on this journey of no return, may he give you all wisdom and common sense to discern objectively not to be emotionally driven.
From me from here it is good evening.

A Compilation By Family Writers Press International

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