When uche okafor mefor deviated from the reality of this struggle you were all over the social media giving him overdose of the ipob treatments and we all applauded you because uche okafor mefor actually deserve even to be buried alive.
When mazi nnamdi KANU was always on air you made sure you type"" Onyendu we love you"" up to 100 times but immediately that same Onyendu that you love 💕 so much was abducted you started telling people that you are confused 😕🤔 that you don't know who to believe between simon ekpa a non ipob member and the DOS which was the home of mazi Nnamdi KANU.
On radio Biafra mazi nnamdi KANU mentioned your name as one of the hardcore media warriors that Biafrans should listen to and follow and when that same Onyendu was kidnapped, biafrans ran to you to know the way forward but out of the love 💕 you proclaim to have for mazi nnamdi KANU you locked 🔒 your computers and switched off your phone because according to you,you don't gossip and when the Storm is over you will come back to mazi nnamdi KANUS house, and this singular act led million of biafrans to start wandering in the wilderness like the children of the israelites when they left Egypt and that was why simon ekpa had the opportunity to gather so many of them with lies.
You are a strong ipob media warrior with large followership and people respected you for your outspokenness and that made Onyendu to recommend you and when uche mefor misbehaved, you displayed your high skills in fighting uche mefor to a standstill but when a group of CRIMINALS set mazi nnamdi KANU up in Kenya in other to eliminate him, you kept quiet 🤐🤐,when this same individuals started attacking the families of that man you love so much you still kept quiet 🤐🤐🤐 even when the first lady of Biafraland in the person of mrs UCHECHI KANU the wife of the man you love 💕 so much was attacked by dirty idiots you still kept quiet 🤐🤐 but when AUSTRIAMAN asked you why you are keeping silent immediately your voice was heard.
when Soludo came on board and nelly ofoegbu and simon ekpa started launching attacks on him you joined them to attack Soludo and I have this question to ask you and all of you must answer the question .
Between nelly, madam Oyibo and simon ekpa that sold Onyendu to be killed and even went ahead to set his house 🏠 ablaze 🔥 and prof.charles Soludo who just came into office,who do you think is more deadly and dangerous and who among them do you think that we should dangerously manhandle or channel all our hatred to.
Did nelly,madam Oyibo and simon connived with zoo to kill Onyendu........YES YES YES
Was Soludo involved in the abduction of Onyendu .......NO NO NO but we will handle Soludo like his predecessor who was just disgraced by EFCC.
Prof.soludo statements on ESN is condemnable which the leadership and media warriors are handling diligently but what about simon ekpa and nelly ofoegbu issue, did you join your other colleagues to fight that battle which is more deadly than Soludo whom we know was not the architect of mazi Nnamdi KANU incarceration.
I austriaman represent truth, equity, fairness and justice and one thing I despise so much in my life are crafty people.
Austriaman the gatekeeper 14.04.2022

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