Fools I call them

Do you know at this time, some people trapped in Nigeria are still saying that the change of Naira is to stop Tinubu who is an APC candidate from winning the election? Chai. Why are people this gullible?

I even read where El Rufai is complaining and some people are praising Buhari for a job well done.

When did El Rufia and Buhari become enemies?

I have found out that these people trapped in Nigeria are the easiest people to fool. How come people are thinking that there will ever be a situation where people like El Rufai won't get enough 1k and 500 naira notes for buying votes? Not to talk of Tinubu.

Unfortunately, those these policies will destroy are the ones praising the dubious government, just because they decided to play some mind games by complaining about the new money. Crying more than the bereaved.

With these, the same APC that have destroyed the economy and killed people are now getting validation. They have perfectly played the people into thinking that the policy was to stop their candidate so that they can outsmart them all. If you think the presidency is not supporting Tinubu, then calling you a fool is an insult to foolish people.

All of you will be surprised. With what is happening, I don't see the Labour party winning. They are making you think they will lose or that they can't rig the election because Buhari changed the Naira note so that when they win, you will not say it was rigged.

APC is intact. They are not having any problems. El Rufai and whosoever is masquerading as Buhari are not having any issues. They are just fooling you guys like always.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2023.

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