Freedom Agitators Must Listen

If what I am suspecting is to go with, then I think very soon the powers that be will recreate the spirit of One Nigerịa in many minds, especially in the minds of the youths. In that time, many will dump the struggle for the restoration of Biafra and embrace One Nigerịa. Let's give Nigerịa one more chance they will say.

Imagine that they kept terro-rizing our people to a breaking point, and fiam Peter Obi is declared winner not through APC or PDP, but through an unknown party.

The people will be so happy. They will say at last power have returned to the people. The otelectuals will sing how their votes counted. A new Nigerịa they will be shouting.

But they will never know that they all have been played. It wasn't actually their vote. It was just a game. Britain played them. Nigerịa is a British property and everything in her. The reality is that Peter Obi will be the last man Fulanii will want to be president. But to save One Nigerịa, they might give in. Some Northern elements can be used by Britain to bring Obi to power. All Britain needs to do is put a call to certain powerful people from the North. Sultan and the rest of them and that election can go to Obi. They will find a way. One thing that made the North unique is that the populace can easily be manipulated to succumb to what they like.

The race to restore One Nigerịa is already on. Britain need Nigerịa to remain united even in death. The world fear that should Nigerịa be allowed to disintegrate, it will affect many other African countries. So all hands is on desk to keep a united Nigerịa.

Forget it...
Nigerịa is on the verge of collapse. And they know that denying Igbo people that seat at this very time will make it worse. As for PDP, the party has become a piece of rag.

Will you fall out of the struggle just because Obi emerged? Ask yourself this question.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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