Freedom fighting is never a one way traffic

In a struggle, you need lots of traits and at the same time master how and when to make use of them positively. You need a little bit of a lion. A bit of a doe, a bit of an elephant to be successful. You even need a bit of a chameleon and a snake when dealing with the oppressors. The strength of the lion, the humility of the doe and the wisdom of the serpent. You need to apply them when necessary.

Freedom fighting is never a one way traffic. That's exactly what some of us failed to understand. Your oppressors can bring treachery, war, fake peace etc to your doorstep, but your wisdom in handling it will guarantee your freedom. You can be forced into making two steps backwards to move front.

That's why some of you failed to understand the wisdom in the call off of the 2019 election boycott. The suspension of the Monday sit at home and the attitude of IPOB leadership presently. You don't know what it means to have a leader in the net of an enemy. You failed to understand the changes going on in the politics of the zoo. You understood the strength in the creation of ESN, but failed to understand the power in non violent agitation. You failed to realise that it was same leadership that gave you ESN, that also called off 2019 boycott and the suspension of Monday sit at home.

You were so unthinking to know that not only that the suspension saved Biafra lives, it also hindered the zoo from committing atrocities and pinning it on IPOB.
There was a duty to save the very soul of the struggle and the leadership lived up to it.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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