freedom of Biafra

When Martin Luther was fighting for freedom, some white and black people must have underrated him. Saying he is joking around and wasting his time.

When Nelson Mandela started, many might have shouted that black South Africans will continue to be slaves.

British overlords must have mocked and laughed at Mahatma Gandhi during his protest to free India.

So don't be perturbed when HausaFulani people and some unthinking Yoruba people tell you you can never get Biafra.

Many people said it, yet black Americans became free. India got liberated. South Sudan got independence. Black South Africans took back their nation. Eritreans became free. And many other nations denied freedom.

The freedom of Biafra is depended on the determination of Biafrans to be free. The word impossible is nothing to a determined people.

Tomorrow, we shall showcase that determination to our detractors. They will understand that it is freedom and nothing else.

We shall say ....


Elochukwu Ohagi

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