Fulani Desperately Trying To Make Victims Out Of Themselves, When They Are The Ones Terrorising Indigenous People

I have read on Vanguard how "SOME concerned Fulanis have raised the alarm over growing insecurity across the country, saying the situation was capable of undermining the sovereignty of the Nigerian State, if not halted immediately."

Again, I read where a Fulani man was issuing out plans on how he can end Unknown Gunmen in South East.

Fulani will never stop. I have said it before that Fulani is crudely smart and some people thought I was just exaggerating. I mean every word of it, Fulani are good player of dub-ious politics in Nigería and they are still doing it fine.

Have you seen how the same Fulani that was the root cause of insecurity in Nigería are now singing about how insecurity is about undermining the sovereignty of Nigería? This is same Fulani that have used Fulani herdsmen terrorists to terrorise indigenous people across Nigeria.

This same Fulani herdsmen went to Agatu in Benue State and kîlled about 300 people in one night. It was this same Fulani people that went to Uzo Uwani and many other parts of Enugu state kîlling people in their sleep. In Benue, they went to a Catholic Church, kîlled 2 officiating priests and 13 worshippers in a morning mass. Fulani herdsmen terrorists have been sacking villages, renaming and occupying them. Their csttles eat up crops in people's farms and if you complain they kîll you. Their people in government are also trying to use laws to take over indigenous lands and hand it over to the Fulani herdsmen terrorists, in the name of Ruga and grazing Reserves. These are the people now crying about insecurity. They are the people talking about unknown Gunmen in South East.

The North have seen Boko Haram attacks. communities are constantly attacked in the North. Hundreds of school children have been kidnapped. Fulani herdsmen terrorists attacks are going on in every town and villages in the name of bandits. They are kidnapping and enriching themselves. In Imo State, they kidnapped a Methodist Venerable and took 100 million Naira from him. These are the people talking about ending unknown Gunmen in South East. These hypocrites have never tried ending Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen banditry in the North, but they are always singing about South East.

But I know the game they are playing. The Fulani in Nigería are always trying to fool the world into thinking that Fulani tribes in Nigeria are victims, peaceful and loving, when in the actual sense they are dub-ious, wicked, evil and terror minded. They will always use the media to talk about the East and attributing her to insecurity and terrorism. While you laugh at them, conventional news media are carrying everything they are saying. They are gradually making the world think they are good, while others are bad.

This is exactly why they hated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and spent billions in dollars to kidnap him. They had to commit international crime, bribe Kenyan government just to have Mazi Nnamdi Kanu kidnapped. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always expose them. He will expose their dirty agenda and make the people be aware of Fulani game plans. With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the world will always learn about the attrocities of Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

The campaign against the atrocities of the Fulani must be resurrected by IPOB. Their games must be countered so that the world will know them for whom they truly are.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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