Following the incessant crimes and false information always dropped from many security formations in Nigeria through Igbo men and officers to lunder Nigeria security and its security agents images in Nigeria is getting alarming-, we the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of the great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to alerts the Igbo Security Officers in Nigeria Security Agencies to organise themselves and to let them know that they have no jobs in security architectures of Nigeria but only a useful tool to ridicule Ndigbo and for the promotion of Caliphate agendas.

It is so sad that only Igbo men are considered as propaganda tools and lying machines for the Nigeria Government and their terrorists Security Agencies whose agenda is to conquer indigenous people and tribes in Nigeria and forcely fulanized and islamise them in Nigeria.

The three Key major Security Agencys in Nigeria appointed Igbo men even the state levels they appointed Igbo men or women in respective states as their Spokespersons:

1. General Onyeman Nwachukwu as Nigeria Army Spokesman (Igbo)

2. ACP Frank Mba the out going spokesperson for Nigeria Police Spokesman (Igbo)

3. Mr. Peter Afunanya; the DSS Spokesman (Igbo) our question is why Nigeria security agencies appoint Igbo man or woman but refused to appoint Igbo man as security chief in Abuja?

The three Spokespersons above are all Ndigbo they termed them as useful idiots appointed by the Fulani Caliphate Government to defend their murderous actions against Igbo Biafrans.

Every right thinking Igbo person must ask himself or herself this question; why is only Igbos appointed as spokespersons for all the key Security Architectures in Nigeria?
You will never see any top ranking Igbo man as part of Nigeria Security Council where National important security decisions are made. But this compromised Security Agencies of the Fulani Government cunningly appointed only Igbo men or women to be their Spokespersons to lied against humanity. As they will innocent citizens of Biafrans,as these Security Agencies in Nigeria kill Biafrans the "useful idiots"thinks they are doing well in their appointed jobs as Sponkesmen or women to defend their murderous Masters in Abuja and cover their attrocities with lies against their people. This is not just a crime against humanity but a crime against the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Fulanis were trained by Britain in the use of "divide and rule" tactics in conquering the Indigenous People. But IPOB has the antidote to Fulani political manoeuvers and we will continue to expose them. What we are telling our brothers who are now be used as the useful idiots for the caliphate to cover their attrocities against our people is that they have no job in their respective Security Agencies. They will only serve the caliphate to their own destruction and detriments.

IPOB worldwide and its leadership knew their antics and gimmicks very well, Nigeria Government and its security agencies needs to destroy Igbo people in service that is the reason why they appointed only Igbo men as PROs in Police, Army spokesperson and DSS spokesperson. The Fulani Government want their recruited Biafrans to defend them in their murderous actions against IPOB and other Biafrans so as to decieve the International Community.
Recently, the useful idiots for the DSS alias spokesperman, Mr. Ifunanya gave false information stating that DSS is not responsible for the enforced disappearances, IPOB will release more lists of IPOB members and other Biafrans who disappeared since 2015 and those murdered in cold-bloods during their attacks in our territory. He claimed that no IPOB or Biafrans is a victim of enforced disaperance when there are clear records against his employer, the Fulanized DSS of Nigeria Government wants to ensure they destroy Ndigbo because of fulani. What these useful idiots failed to understand is that they are being used to humiliate the entire Igbo race.

Igbos being one of the major tribe in Nigeria and a strong Piller of the fraudulent and confused Contraption called Nigeria has no Security Chief in Abuja. They are only useful for dangerous position to be a lying machine to the world in defense of a tyrannical regime whose agenda is to empower terrorists to overrun the country in what is referred to as National Jihad. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and T. Y danjuma called it Fulanization and islamisation agenda.

We wish to remind all the Igbo men and women who worked in this very propaganda offices before or currently or in future to know that their lies against our people will remain there waiting for them when Biafra comes. When the time of reckoning will come let them not remind us that they were under instructions because those that will judge them then will also be under instructions.

IPOB make bold to remind our people that Biafra will come and nothing will stop it. No man born of a woman can change what God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama has sanctioned.

We are warning the lying machines, Igbo "useful idiots" alias Spokespersons to change their ways and do a their professional jobs without being used to cover evil done against innocet IPOB members and Biafran people. It is better to resign your position or resign the entire job if you can't stand the pressure from the Fulanized Nigeria Security to cover their attrocities against your people. But if you love the money and continued to be used as a tool of subjugation to becoming lying propaganda machines against Biafra struggle, then prepare to pay for your sins and that of your children.


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