On the 6th of October 2002, on his death bed in the hospital, Gbenga Adeboye was laid dead and the blanket had been pulled up to cover his face. He was completely dead.
The doctor on duty that attended to him had certified him dead already and he had begun to walk back to the ward where he was before the nurses on duty called on him to attend to the fidgeting Gbenga when he was gasping for his last breath few minutes earlier.

All the people present inside the private ward where the cold cadaver of Gbenga was laid on the bed at that moment were inundated with grieve of untimely lost of the best radioman on the airwaves in the history. The grieve could be felt on their faces as many of them folded their arms around their chests shivering while others could only place theirs on their heads mourning, wailing and crying. The atmosphere was so tensed and sour as tears were squirting massively from the sockets of their eyes.

At the other end, in the beyond, Gbenga Adeboye was walking high up on the fluffy white thick cloud in the sky. He wore a white robe like cassocks worn by the members of Cherubuim and Seraphim.

He was walking faster like he wanted to overtake those in front of him, it was like he wanted to get to the gate before all of them that were going before him.

His mind was heavy and troubled, he knew he was dead in the world and he was heading to the place called Hades where all the spirits of all the dead go to wait for final judgement.

Gbenga's heart was filled up with the thoughts of all the good things he did as a living being, he also thought of all the good things he could have done much better. All memories were muddled up together and it seemed he was dreaming. He knew he was dead - even though he was sad but the feeling of fulfillment of a life well spent kept him going and elated.

The sonorous sound of massive singers singing praises to the Most High could not be ignored. It was the most beautiful atmosphere to behold which he had never seen and heard of before. The singers were not seen but their voices could be heard loudly and their angelic aura could be felt by everyone.

"Jengbetiele, welcome home!" Someone said to Gbenga and he quickly jolted back to look at the person. The man was huge, his eyes were glittering and his voice roared like that of a lion.

"You did well on earth and heaven is glad to receive you here" The man added as Gbenga was looking with awe. He tried to utter a word but his throat was too dried of saliva, he could only nod and he did spontaneously.

The man looked at him and asked him to make a final wish.

Gbenga moved close to the man who wore a white thick cloud of fog as garment. He was truly stupefied for how the man knew his worldly nickname 'Jengbetiele' and why he chose to refer to him with such.

"I want.., I want to join them, I want to sing.., sing together with them..., please allow me" Gbenga stammered as he tried to make a wish as ordered by the man.
"You cannot come here, you cannot sing with them" The man said to Gbenga clinically.

"Because you forgot to come along with two things - you will have to go back to bring your Bible and Hymnal Book to join them here" The man added.

Gbenga agreed to go back in order to pick his Bible and Hymnal Book. He was happy he would make it to sing with them.

He made a u-turn and was running back home.

Gbenga got to the hospital and saw his body on the trolley being pushed toward the morgue, he acted quickly, poured his soul back into his body and he sneezed loudly.

He was told he had been dead for six hours.
Gbenga Adeboye lived for another seven months before he finally died on the 30th of April 2003.

It has been nineteen years since his glorious departure.
May his soul continue to rest in peace 🙏
See you next Monday 👌
Good morning 🙏
Barka de Salah!
©️Oladele Idowu Joseph

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