Genocide at night

For a long time, Nigeria military is as violent and mean to their citizens. They often quell every little thing with extreme aggression. They don't do their work effectively but do polices work with an offensive proportion. They arrest in the street, they harass and intimidate. They even have prisons for civilians. All this is for what purpose? To trap the populace into one contraption call Nigeria. In Nigeria, soldiers have committed atrocities more than What they would possible do to an enemy state. My reason for writing this article is draw attention of the world to the genocide going on in eastern part of Nigeria popularly known as Biafra. Nobody expected that a military will descend so low to be used as instrument to kill those they swore to defend and protect. In a sane nation, army protects and defend the territorial integrity of the nation, the people and property but reverse is the case in Nigeria. They have now metamorphose into going into the villages in the night to kill and assassinate their supposed civilians whom they ought to protect. An army that goes to civilian's house in the midnight is either terrorist or assassins. Every other army in the world do everything they can to be transparent to it people so not to call them bad name but Nigeria army is violating the people's privacy with impunity committing genocide against the people of Biafra I see nothing different between Nigeria army and terrorist group because both kill and destroy civilians life and property. More than over 50 houses have been burnt, lives destroyed in the last 2months. #NigeriaArmyIsATerrorGroup and I call on nations of the word to regard Nigeria army as one of the terrorist group in Nigeria and stop sending them any military weapon. Joe Biden Boris Johnson UK Parliament European Parliament in the UK


✍chukwudi Samuel, 31 01 2022

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