Gloria Okolie the fallaciously alleged Spy Girl of IPOB, was repeatedly RAPED by Nigeria Security agents while in custody for over 9months.

We have numerous FEMALE IPOB activists kept incommunicado, with similar hurtful experience and sexual assault, still in their torture chambers.
Mothers Are Being R*ped
Aged Grandmas R*ped
Teenagers R*ped
Newly Married Ladies R*ped
Single Ladies R*ped
People Are Mute and no legal sanctions.
These Women have Family members, Friends, Relations other than IPOB.
The trauma is what births Unknown Gunmen and disastrous retaliations.
When the Family members of your R*pe Victims start retaliating, Don’t Tag IPOB because, your negative actions must yield equal and opposite reaction(Newton Third Law).
Security agents should stop molesting Women from Old Eastern region, our Land has been desecrated and the tears of innocent Women shall lift up a standard against the evil perpetrators.
Ibeh Gift Amarachi
Ibeh Amarachi

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