Gross Human Rights Violations: DSS Claims That Idara Has Been Transferred To Kanji Military Barracks In Niger State

After 158 days of detaining Godwin Idara, and totally denying her family and lawyer the access to see her, in the Department of State Service (DSS) have continued to aggressively violate the rights of this innocent girl. Now, they claim to have transferred her to a military detention facility in Wawa Kainji, Niger State.
The 20years old Godwin Joy Idara was abducted in Enugu on 8th November, 2021. According to the DSS, the investigations about her case was concluded since 15th January, 2022. They further told the lawyer that Idara's offence was that she wore Biafra colored attire during her birthday celebration, and that she also campaigned for Biafra on her social media wall, Facebook precisely.
DSS in a document served on 5th April 2022 also stated "That on 13th February, 2022, the Idara was transferred to the military detention facility Wawa Kainji, awaiting trial".
The family members of Godwin Joy Idara have been asking "Why would a civilian case of our daughter be transferred to the military, after an investigations conducted by the DSS"? And more especially when the concluded investigation by DSS did not show their daughter's vto have committed any crime known to law?
"Why have DSS refused us to see our daughter and confirm if she is alive after 158 days of abduction"?
"Why have DSS refused to charge our daughter to court since her abduction on 8 November 2021 in Enugu state"?
"Please, we are calling on human rights organizations and media authorities to help us in saving our daughter from the unlawful incarceration and gross violation of her fundamental rights as a human."-- Idara's family cries.
Family Writers Press International

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