HAVE YOU SEEN EDDIE QUANSA? (A true story from the archival library)

In the 60s, there lived a young man in Owerri named John Obikwe. He was full of high spirit, very handsome and a powerful guitarist who frequented many pubs in Owerri municipal to play. With time, John became very popular especially among the womenfolk. When the bloody civil war disrupted the social life of Owerri, John and his 3 elder brothers lay low to avoid forcefully conscription into the Biafran army.
At the end of the war, the Obikwes discovered that their late father had a big portion of land close to the University in Porthercourt. They went and sold the land. The money was shared among the seniors but they refused to give to John saying he was too young to be trusted with a huge sum.
John became angry, packed his scanty belongings and relocated to Ghana. There he formed a highlife band which became very successful and he bought a house located at number 15 Barnyard Street off Yadi layout Accra Ghana. He changed his name to Eddie Quansa and married one of the most beautiful Ghanian girls named Meena Sarpong. Eddie was very successful that he became one of the richest and most prominent men in Ghana. Apart from music, he was also engaged in other trades.
When his brothers heard of him, they sent emissaries asking him to return but he refused. His brothers then approached Raph Amarabem of the Peacocks band and begged him to compose a song with their brother which prompted the very popular song that sang "Eddie Quansa oo biao biao, izu ka mma na nneji oo, biao......." When Eddie heard the song, he refused to return to Owerri but he always played copyright of the song with his band.
Till date, Eddie Quansa refused to return to Owerri. Some say he is dead and that his apparition is roaming the streets of Owerri at night playing guitar. Some say he relocated to India. Any time you hear that song, remember Eddie Quansa was John Obikwe, an Owerri born super guitarist.
Credit: Igbo History. PINK REPUBLIC TV

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